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a) How will utilities such as water, sewer, and electrical services be provided to the community?
The basic facilities such as water, sewer and electrical connections are provided for in the community. The Bangalore Mahanagara Palika manages water supply, the state electricity board provides electricity connections while Adarsh has its own sewerage treatment plant.
b) Who takes care of the maintenance within the community?
Adarsh handles the maintenance initially, using the one- time deposits collected from the residents at the time of booking. Later the maintenance will be handed over to the association formed by the residents.
c) Is there a Homeowner’s Association? What is their role in the community?
Yes, there is a Homeowner’s Association. They are in-charge of the common areas, maintenance of clubhouse and its activities.
d) What kind of security does the community provide?
The community provides 24 hour security.
e) Are there clubs and other organized activities?
Yes, there are clubs in the gated community. The homeowners association takes the initiatives for organizing the activities.
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