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At the onset, let me thank all the Adarsh customers for making us one of the most trusted brands today. It is only because of you that we can boast of nearly 90-95 % conversions through word- of –mouth. We have and will continue to work towards attending our goal of ultimate customer satisfaction while crafting unprecedented superior lifestyles.
This journey, spanning nearly two decades has been an enriching experience for me. I have always believed that a home should be a mirror of the resident’s aspirations, be it an apartment or a villa, to give every home a distinct feel. The homes should breath the lifestyles of the homeowners and with this dream I founded Adarsh. This is the vision behind every Adarsh project that makes it possible to provide you with unprecedented superior lifestyles everytime.
Since inception of Adarsh my ambition was to provide qualitatively superior residences to my customers. With our first project itself we set some very high standards when we started using Teak wood windows. We tested flooring tiles and got them specially manufactured as per our specifications, while others just went for anything that was readily available in the market. Attention was given to minute details like bathroom flooring tiles, height of the shower etc. I learnt some very valuable lessons while completing the first project and understood that my customers appreciated my urge to be different and the wish to provide qualitative constructions. It was you who inspired me to come with newer concepts and better plans with every project.
When Adarsh spread its wings in commercial space my only vision was to provide comfortable spaces that are a lifestyle. Nearly half of our time in a day is spent at our workplace and hence it seems only fair that workplaces are also given similar kind of attention to detailing and open spaces. Adarsh commercial spaces resonate with these thoughts and today they are the torchbearers of our innovative ideas and great planning.
When I look back, it is really heartening to remember the support and trust Adarsh has enjoyed from its customers. I am overjoyed looking at the happy and satisfied families living in our creations, who appreciated our efforts and were equally contributing by providing some valuable feedbacks and suggestions.
As we step into a new era in the construction industry, we promise to carry along with us all that you liked while improvising on other aspects and positioning ourselves as an exclusive builder creating unprecedented superior lifestyles. We are young and growing at a fast pace; I can see a future spread over many cities in India, where we dot the horizon with many commercial, residential, hospitality projects along with quality schools & hospitals.