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1. Is the Title Clear for all Adarsh properties?

Yes, due legal diligence has been done. The land is freehold, marketable and without any encumbrances.

2. Has the BBMP/BDA/BIAAPA sanctioned the plan?

Yes, the development plan has been sanctioned by the BBMP/BDA/BIAAPA.

3. How do I book my home with Adarsh Developers?

  • Identify your apartment/Villa
  • Fill in the booking application form
  • Pay the initial booking amount by way of a cheque/DD for the respective project along with the supporting documents like passport-sized photos, PAN Card, Address Proof
  • Pay the balance 25% booking amount of the sale value as per the respective project schedule within 30 days of booking.

4. What happens thereafter?

You will be required to issue post-dated Cheques (PDCs). Once the complete booking amount payment of 25% is complied with a formal letter of allotment will be issued. An agreement will follow after completion of the allotment process.

5. Can I make 100% down payment?

Yes, please check with the respective sales team for more details.

6. How are instalments to be paid and is it time bound?

Instalments are to be paid by way of post-dated cheques which is a prerequisite for allotment. The schedule of payment is partly on a time bound basis & partly on construction milestone, basis as mentioned in the payment schedule of the respective project.

7. What are the additional amounts to be paid up?

BESCOM & BWSSB charges, contribution to the sinking fund, Advance maintenance charges, Generator charges, Khata Assessment Charges, Registration charges, VAT, Service Tax, and any other charges, taxes will be required to be paid as per the prevailing guidelines at the time of possession. In addition, monthly consumption charges towards water & electricity as per actual will have to be borne by the buyers.

8. What happens if I cancel my booking?

In case you wish to cancel your booking, 10% of the amount paid will be forfeited before agreements are executed and 20% of the sale value will be forfeited post agreement as cancellation fee and the balance will be refunded (subject to statutory deductions, if any) without interest, only after 12 weeks of resale of the unit.

9. What are the agreements that need to be signed?

The agreements that need to be signed are Agreement to sell followed by a Sale Deed, at the time of possession.

10. What is the process of Registration and when does it take place?

Registration will be done on completion of the development and after the payment of the entire sale consideration, including the additional charges. Registration will be facilitated by us through an appointed /designated person

11. What is the process of Assignment?

Assignment can be done only after the agreements have been signed, 5 instalments have been paid and the new party agrees to comply with the terms and conditions of the principal agreement.

12. Are all Projects of Adarsh Developers approved by Banks and financial institutions?


13. How do I disburse the instalments if I have taken a loan?

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure timely disbursement of all your instalments from the Housing Financial institutions (HFI). To facilitate smooth payments, customers are required to issue a consent letter.

14. Who will take care of the maintenance of the property?

Adarsh handles the maintenance initially, using the one- time deposits collected from residents at the time of booking. Later the maintenance will be handed over to the association formed by the residents.

15. Are modifications permitted in the apartments?

Modifications barring few minor changes are not permitted in apartments.


1. How will utilities such as water, sewer, and electrical services be provided to the community?

The basic facilities such as water (either through municipal connection or other sources), and electrical connections (as supplied by state electricity board) are provided for in the community. Adarsh Developers will provide for necessary Sewerage treatment plant.

2. Who takes care of the maintenance within the community?

Adarsh handles the maintenance initially, using the one- time deposits collected from the residents at the time of booking. Later, the maintenance will be handed over to the association formed by the residents.

3. Is there a Homeowner’s Association? What is their role in the community?

Yes, there will be a Homeowner’s Association. They are in-charge of the common areas and other amenities.

4. What kind of security does the community provide?

The community provides 24 hour security

5. Are modifications permitted in the villas?

Modifications barring few minor changes are not permitted in villas.

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