Why Flats for Sale Near Manyata Tech Park are Perfect for Families

April 25th, 2022

In recent years Bangalore has earned the distinction as one of India’s fastest growing cosmopolitan cities. Per news reports, in the January-March 22’ quarter, India’s residential apartment market witnessed sales of nearly 52,000 units,  a 148% rise over pre-Covid average levels. Bangalore alone accounted for 24% of this activity.

While propelling high-disposable income, the IT/ITES sector has created a massive demand for quality housing. Manyata Tech Park is an example of a prime employment centre and residential locality in Bangalore. 

Flats for sale near Manyata Tech Park are perfect for families looking for affordable housing options. Projects such as Adarsh Greens apartments, which offer an international lifestyle inspired by the millennial generation, make it an attractive destination for homebuyers, especially families.  Take a look at the top advantages of living here. 

Excellent infrastructure: Manyata Tech Park is located close to the airport and enjoys good connectivity with the rest of the city, thanks to the ORR. Infrastructure, including railway stations, the six-lane roads, and BMTC buses, provide excellent access across the city. 

Amenities: Reputed schools and higher education institutes, including Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology and HKBK College of Engineering, make flats for sale near Manyata Tech Park perfect, especially for young families. Similarly, with reputed healthcare institutions and several shopping malls in the vicinity, families are assured of excellent quality of life.

Employment Opportunities: The Manyata Tech Park is home to several reputed multinationals (MNCs) and IT companies, a crucial driver of residential apartments in the area.

Why Adarsh Green flats for sale near Manyata Tech Park are perfect for families

Adarsh Greens apartments is a 1 & 2 BHK residential project for families looking for affordable yet modern homes.  The project is by the Adarsh Group, a name synonymous with trust, quality and consistency in the construction and delivering exceptional quality homes, offices and hotels since 1988.

The super built-up area of the 1BHK measures 650 sq.ft., and the super built-up area of the 2BHK measures 1005 sq. ft.

Nestled amidst verdant landscapes and natural beauty, with over 70% of the area demarcated for open spaces, Adarsh Greens integrates design and engineering to blend modern living with nature

Adarsh Green’s state-of-the-art infrastructure offers all the safety features and functionality for urban living. The project boasts of seismic zone II compliant – RCC structure and excellent quality painting, plastering and finishing.  In addition, high-quality vitrified flooring in the living, dining, bedroom and kitchen areas; ceramic tiles in toilets, balconies and utility areas; modern, stylised kitchens and bathrooms; and top-grade electricals and plumbing harmonises with facilities such as high-end lifts, security systems, and telephone and fibre network, to create a desirable living experience.

Near the Manyata Tech Park, you are assured of the accessibility and advantages of living in the area. In addition, Adarsh Greens is lush with features including gardens, an amphitheatre, health clubs, groceries, creche facilities, a pet park, restaurants, play areas, swimming pools and more, all of which allow you to spend more time with family. 

With over 50,000 happy customers for its superior quality construction, Every Adarsh  Group project is a product of meticulous planning and fine attention to detail to meet customer expectations. At Adarsh Greens, you’ll have a home that welcomes you each time you return, giving you and your family the much need space to unwind and be yourself. 

To know more about Adarsh Greens apartments, call us on  +91 8095 44 00 22; email us at Greens@adarshdevelopers.com or fill in the enquiry form to request a call-back.

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