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Q. How can I personalize my home?
Customers can choose and personalize their home layout from the options that are available and designed according to the chosen plot within 45 days from the date of booking.
Q. What kind of help do I get from Adarsh?
We coordinate with our in-house architects to provide our customers with all kind of information on drawings, technical know-how and any other details they seek for their homes.
Q. Whom can I consult about modifications?
Our in-house teams of architects/consultants are available to help/suggest modifications to suit your needs, with prior appointment.
Q. Who are the architects/consultants?
They are a part of our team with training and experience to understand customer needs and requirements and provide solutions accordingly.
Q. What are the kinds of modifications possible?
Modifications can be classified as Major structural changes and minor changes.
Q. How many sittings do I get with them?
Customers are given 5 sittings in case of Major Structural changes (a nominal professional charge/ fee is applicable, rate/sft), where the time frame to finalize the drawings is extended to 60 days from the date of booking.
In case of Minor changes like shifting or moving doors/windows or small alterations without any structural changes, we offer our customers 3 sittings with our in-house architects.
Q. What if I require more sessions?
Our experience shows that three sittings are sufficient. However, if you are not satisfied and feel that there is more to discuss/consult you can ask for extra sessions which will be then charged.
Q. I may want to modify electrical fittings in my home?
Customers are given 30 days from the date of final approval of their home drawings to modify and agree on the final “Electrical Drawing”.
Q. Can I also modify plumbing in my home?
Customers are given an opportunity to modify and approve their “plumbing drawings” within 120 days of finalizing their home drawings.
Q. Am I required to have some prior understanding / knowledge before these sessions?
It is not a pre-requisite, however it would act as an added advantage as it will help in exploring/ understanding the possibilities without difficulty.
Q. Can my interior designer be a part of the sessions?
It is not encouraged, however in exceptional cases it is allowed. The architects can pass on the view through the client.
Q. Can I choose my tiles and paint colors?
The project site showcases samples for flooring / dadooing, internal wall paint colors and garage details for customers to choose and finalize.
Q. How long will it take for my villa to complete?
Normally it would take 15-18 months to complete a villa after confirmation of drawings by the customer.
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