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A house with blank white walls and windows with pull down shades often leaves you clueless on how to decorate it. You can add the character and the personality to your home for it to serve as an extension of your own self, your family and your culture. Your personal touches give your home an intimacy that makes you feel comfortable. To help you make your home cozy, warm and homely the following points can come handy:
1. Global Looks - Themes you can create: A few global concepts that can be a guiding factor while decorating your home. They could help you personalize your home interestingly, apart from reflecting your personality, likes, tastes and hobbies and the …read more.
2. Eliminate things that don't fit into the theme décor of the room or modify them to suit the overall theme. …. read more.
3. Artifacts - All collectors love to display their collections. Artifacts that suit your theme can add a special touch to the room décor such as a small wooden ship to go with the nautical theme of stamps, coins, dolls or other trinkets in a special creative way… read more
4. Colors of walls, fabrics, furniture, linen, pillows, shelves and curtains and type of furniture, beds, sofas and seating arrangements and even accessories… read more
1. Global Looks: Themes you can Create!
It is a reflection on your personality, likes, tastes and hobbies and the culture of your family. A chosen theme such as Moroccan, Thai and Terracotta can be the unifying factor for all your furniture, furnishings, accessories, colors of walls and ceilings, windows and doors and even the showcase area to display your collections, arts, crafts and other prized possessions.
a. Decorating with Red
Red is a feisty color that spells confidence, sensuality, passion and vibrancy.
Red is a fantastic color for interiors as it can instantly give a room depth and life. In fact, the Chinese use red commonly in interiors as it's the color of success and luck.
If you think a full-on red room may be a little overwhelming and over-the-top for your tastes, then there are ways you can tone it down. Instead of decorating in punchy pillar-box red and contrasting your woodwork in white, choose a slightly more earthy red shade.
When it comes to accessorizing your room, choose similarly earthy textures such as hessian blinds, wicker seating, honey-coloured wooden furniture, linen cushions, chunky wool throws and sculptural stone vases. Wooden floors work best with this slightly ethnic theme, so if your boards are in good nick, sand them down and treat them to a mid-tone wood stain.
b. Moroccan Style
The trend for introducing global cultures into home décor continues, with Moroccan style at the forefront. Throw together some North African fretwork accessories with an intricate metal lampshade and Turkish rug and you'll capture the look perfectly.
The first step is to get the bones of your scheme right. Floors should be either bare board, tiled or carpeted with coir. Walls are best painted in strong colours like ochre, terracotta or blue. Alternatively, if this is too authentic, keep things simple by painting everything white and bring colour to the room with soft furnishings. Lighting should be subtle, but ethnic. Serve your tea in Moroccan tea glasses and arrange the table with decorative pottery
c. Thai Lounge
The Far East provides a rich tapestry of styles, patterns and colours to draw from. So if you're going for this particular look, keep the influences and styles broad so you have lots of flexibility in putting the various elements together. It's a beautiful theme that lets you use lots of jewel colours, opulent satins and silks, exotic embroidery, deeply polished and carved wood, and gilt detailing set against the more basic elemental ingredients such as bamboo, rush, stone and jade.
For your sitting room, start by choosing a coir or jute floor covering if you'd like something warm underfoot.
At the windows, go for simple reedy bamboo roller blinds. For a sophisticated look on the walls, add a bamboo design textured wallpaper to one or two surfaces and a splash of olive or deep lime paint to the others. Finally, add a jewel bright mix of glassware, mosaic mirrored accessories, gilt edged candles and textured soft furnishings to complete the look.
d. Arabian Night
The Rock the Kasbah looks is a fantastic theme for a living room. There are a lot of rich fabrics and decorative accessories around that are perfect for this look and easy to get your hands on.
Invest in some richly textured kelim style fabric to drape over furniture and in doorways for a Berber tent effect that evokes a sense of mysticism and sets the scene for a Bedouin bash. It's a bit of a cheat, but you could even use Indian-inspired voile curtain panels with gold or silver filigree thread. It's not strictly Arabian but great for spicing up this sensual theme nonetheless.
This is a look that needs candlelight and an exotic ambience, so look for cutwork lanterns that throw out intricate decorative shadows when lit and burn heady incense to conjure up the ambience of the ancient Marrakesh souks. Scatter Berber style kelim rugs on the floor and oversized floor cushions for low-level loungey comfort.
e. Tying-in Terracotta Tones
Terracotta and cream is a very warm, relaxed and sophisticated combination for a living room or a bedroom.
Introduce yellow and even black to the mix for a chic, smart urban ethnic look, or if you'd like a brighter outlook, consider mixing in touches of navy or even cobalt blue which looks stunning next to terracotta and evokes a more Mediterranean outlook.
If you go for the black and yellow option, invest in some black leather cushions and beanbags, black wrought iron curtain poles and tribal print soft furnishings such as curtains, throws and rug. Seek out unusual carvings, pieces of rich, dark wooden furniture and wooden vases filled with twigs or bamboo. Wicker furniture looks great with the Mediterranean option too, but for decorative items opt instead for cobalt blue glass, floor standing terracotta urns filled with indoor palms and cream calico Roman blinds at the window.
2. Eliminate things that don't fit
Eliminate things that don’t fit into the theme décor of the room or modify them to suit the overall theme. This can be a good restraint on impulsive shopping, disproportionate planning or unplanned implementation of decoration items.
You need some organized storage solutions in your home, but before you even consider getting what you've got in order, you need to clear out the bulk of it.
Use something called the 80/20 rule. Most people use just 20 per cent of what they own on a regular basis and a hefty proportion of the other 80 per cent is made up of things we either used in the past or things we feel we might find some use for in the future.
Look at which group each of your items belongs to. If it falls into the 20 per cent pile that you use regularly, keep it. If it falls into the 80 per cent pile, bin it or put it in the charity shop bag. If you're really not sure about something, get a large box and store that and anything else that's a 'maybe' for six months.
3. Artifacts- All collectors love to display their collections
Display collections that suit your theme and can add a special touch to the room décor such as a small wooden ship to go with the nautical theme of stamps, coins, dolls or other trinkets in a special creative way. Linear arrangements can be dull so may be grouping them and presenting them in interesting ways such as in glass cupboards will draw more attention to them and to your skill of refinement.
Personalize your home, give it your touch!
4. Colors
Colors of walls, fabrics, furniture, linen, pillows, shelves and curtains and type of furniture, beds, sofas and seating arrangements and even accessories, lamps and vases that you use must also confirm with your room or home décor theme.
Color scheme helps you to establish the harmony between colors in home décor. A color wheel can be quite useful while deciding a color scheme for your home as it helps you to compare complimentary colors. Interactive color wheel tools and software are available online for your reference. The use of color wheel makes choosing the combination of colors for painting your walls, accents, furnishings, furniture and accessories much easier. Here are a few tips that you can use while deciding upon the color scheme for your home:
Monochromatic color scheme uses only one color throughout.
Complimentary color scheme uses two colors placed opposite to each other on the color wheel.
Triadic color schemes use three hues placed consecutively or at equal distances from each other
Color can make quite a lot of difference to the size and proportion of the room. So, remember that white and pale colors reflect light more making the room appear larger while dark colors make room appear cozier and smaller.
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