7 Simple Tips to Move into Your Adarsh Home Stress-free

June 11th, 2019

Moving into your new home doesn’t have to be daunting. From starting early to staying organised, small measures can go a long way in ensuring your moving day is as comfortable as possible.
While it’s natural to feel ecstatic about your life and future in your new home, it’s equally common to dread the moving-in day. It can pose a challenge – physically and mentally – and ruin your entire initial living experience. But don’t worry, we’ve charted seven easy things you can do to ensure your moving-in phase at Adarsh Home is as stress-free as possible.

Simple Tips to Move into Your Adarsh Home Stress-free

Stay Organised
Probably the most critical part of the moving-in process. It’s vital to make a list of all the things you need and work backwards, keeping the date in mind. At the outset, you might feel that you have a lot of time in your hands, but if you procrastinate and push it till the very end, then even the minutest of things can come across as daunting.
When you’re labelling boxes, it’s easy to summarise the content on the top, like ‘kitchen stuff’ but that may not help you when you need to prioritise unpacking. Therefore, try and be as specific as possible.

A satisfying aspect of moving is the opportunity to take a step back and get some perspective regarding the necessity of an item. When you live in a home for an extended period, you inadvertently accumulate a lot of goods, which you never end up using.
With all the trivial items, you can choose to either sell it, donate it, or discard it.
Another compelling reason for de-cluttering is that the less you have, the less time you’ll take packing them.

Hire Professionals
If you have the budget, it’s highly recommended that you hire a reputed professional moving company. They will relieve you of the potential heavy lifting like furniture, home appliances, etc.
Plus, professionals will pack your belongings in such a way that it’ll negate the possibility of any damage to your items.

Prepare a Moving Day Kit
An often overlooked step but something that’ll save you plenty of time and energy. This kit comprises everything essential like chargers, toiletries, snacks, water bottles, etc. Make sure you pack them neatly.

Protect Your Valuables
Similar to the moving day kit, it is also advisable to secure your valuables, from identification documents to jewellery to family heirloom, and place it in a totally safe location. The last thing you need is to suffer from anxiety and stress over your highly-prized belongings.

Start Early, Start Small
As the famous Chinese philosopher, Confucius said, “the man who moves mountains begins by carrying away small stones.” Nothing’s worse than feeling like you’re in an abyss because of the sheer amount of work headed your way. To circumvent this, begin by first finishing the smallest and most comfortable of tasks, and work your way towards the finish line.
Bear in mind that you should be pragmatic and disciplined in your approach, which means setting realistic goals and sticking to them.

Clean Your New Home in Advance
An excellent way to lessen the stress levels is to get the keys of your new home much before the actual moving-in date. This means you have ample time to assess the cleanliness level of the house and give it a good clean before you can shift your furniture. You don’t want any surprises during moving day, do you?
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