Accessories Which Add Luxury to Your Apartment at Pinecourt

May 7th, 2019

Buying a dream house often remains a dream for many. But, that is about to change as Adarsh Group launches their latest project, Adarsh Pinecourt. This 201-home project off Hennur road in Bangalore stands nestled between sprawling landscapes and boasts of contemporary yet luxurious design. Adarsh Pinecourt will offer all the main amenities like a clubhouse, children’s play area, swimming pool, activity centre, etc. There is something for everyone here!
The apartments at Pinecourt have been designed with a much-needed emphasis on practicality and comfort yet reflecting their grandeur style. When it comes to decorating your house, everyone has a different taste but there are some accessories which add a personality to your house and bring out the feeling of luxury and high-living like nothing else does!
Let us look at some home decorating ideas using accessories which will add to the feeling of luxury to your apartment at Pine court.

Adarsh Pinecourt


Placing mirrors in your house is the easiest way to add to its décor. An elaborately framed mirror in the doorway can give an aura of grandiose while a funky mirror cut out in the drawing room can work as an extension of your personality and add to the theme of the house. Mirrors also help in reflecting sunlight if placed correctly and can help in making the space look well-lit. For the superstitious in you, it is said that placing a mirror right opposite your door keeps the negative energies out.

A thick Persian carpet or a light rug, the choice is yours, but the effect it creates will be for all to see. Carpets can make rooms seem cozy and warmer. They also help in absorbing sound and thus provide a sense of quiet and peace in the house. A well-constructed, colour-coordinated carpet can go a long way in making your home look luxurious.

Light Fixtures
Gone are the days when people used simple looking lamps and tube lights. Give your home a truly majestic look with a wide range of light fixtures available in the market. From intricate chandeliers to futuristic bulb holders and from metallic lamp to hand printed lampshades, the variety is endless and the effect it creates is priceless.

Wall Decor

Walls speak a thousand words. A good wall décor piece can pull up a wall from being blank to beautiful. A nice work of canvas art or a painting, or even a framed photograph can transform the walls of your house. With self-pasting wall décor murals now easily available, all you need to do is choose the one that speaks to you and you are just one step away from making your house feel like home.

Soothing the sense of smell is one of the most neglected aspects while designing a home. A good and soothing fragrance can greatly affect your state of mind. Lighting incense sticks in the living room is a great way to calm the nerves. Keeping potpourri in a bowl or hanging fragrance sticks in the house will definitely give it a regal and majestic feel.
Try these home decorating ideas to make your house look more luxurious and grand at Adarsh Pinecourt.

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