Adarsh Group Recognized as the Fastest Growing Brand

July 12th, 2019

Adarsh Group has been recognized as the fastest growing brand in the sphere of real estate development. Established in 1988, Adarsh Group has stuck by its philosophy of offering high-quality homes to enhance their customers’ lifestyle. With the aim to serve 60,000 customers by the end of 2021, Adarsh Group continues to rely on the brand pillars of trust, quality, and consistency.

The Journey
Adarsh Group Recognized
Adarsh Group has significantly expanded its hold in the residential, commercial, and hospitality sectors. Adarsh Group is a real estate giant known for consistently launching projects that suit various budget categories. From luxurious and lavish villas to affordable premium apartments – Adarsh Group has been making homes accessible to all customers of different financial segments. It all started with Adarsh Palm Meadows, India’s first gated community settlement and the rest is history.

The company’s reach is not only limited to residential realty but has also left its mark in hospitality. Upon building Shangri-La hotel in Bangalore, the company forayed into opportunities available in luxury hospitality.
Adarsh Group has made headway in this industry through the opening of Adarsh Hospitality, a premium business hotel!
Commercial ventures such as Adarsh Opus and Manhattan Associates India are a testament to the work ethics and the top-notch infrastructural development offered by the Adarsh Group.

Adarsh Group has been supported by many financial institutions to expand its portfolio in Bangalore. The solid backing of well-known lenders adds to the credibility of Adarsh Group.

Sustainable Development Ventures
The company started making headlines through the adoption of sustainable practices and various green initiatives. All the latest projects headed by the company are compliant with the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) guidelines and certifications.

In a city like Bangalore that invariably experiences water shortages, Adarsh Group has managed to install sustainable equipment to cut down water requirements. Adarsh Group is vying towards cutting down the carbon and water footprint not only of the construction activities but also of their customers. They make use of water aerators, sewer treatment plants, stormwater ponds, and rainwater harvesting setups to conserve water and replenish groundwater levels. Even the plants used for landscaping are the drought-resistant variety to cut down on water demands.

The Present
Over the span of 30 years, Adarsh Group has successfully completed a large number of projects. The company has developed and marketed nearly 16.51 million square feet of residential, hospitality, and commercial spaces, while 26.84 million square feet are in its various developmental stages. Gauging this phenomenal growth of the Adarsh Group, Times Business awarded the company the title of “The Best Villa Developers.”
The steady growth of the organization across the 30 years along with a large base of loyal customers speaks for the brand value that Adarsh Group has grown to earn.

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