Adarsh Palm Acres- In the Lap of Luxury

November 20th, 2019

Adarsh Palm Acres is an exclusive retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life. The cozy villas and clubhouse amenities offer much for every member of the family. Comprising a huge central park, Adarsh Palm Acres caters to every aspect of life. The property combines modern amenities with natural environs. It has been specifically crafted for the discerning modern homeowner. Find out what makes Adarsh Palm Acres unique here. 

Adarsh Palm Acres is an extensive villa township located in North Bengaluru. The idea behind the development is to provide individuals and families with a home away from the hustle and pollution of the city, while, at the same time, being a stone’s throw away from it. 

This project has been tailor-made for people who want more out of life. It features world-class amenities along with acres and acres of natural landscape for you to enjoy. 

Each villa has been designed and constructed with the utmost care and precision. The sheer attention to detail and the architecture is enough for this township to have a page of its own in the unfolding of Bangalore’s real estate story. Take a look at the many ways in which this project stands out. 

A Central Park for Communion with Nature 

The township features an expansive central park. The Adarsh Palm Acres Central Park has been inspired by the iconic Central Park in Manhattan, New York.

This Central Park is a large and well-groomed green space from which people of all ages can derive joy. It facilitates a feeling of peace and relaxation by being an escape from the cement and concrete of everyday life.

Adarsh Palm Acres has been designed by Site Concepts and houses a number of recreational amenities within its green expanse. This park features a jogging track for those looking to incorporate a refreshing exercise experience into their morning or evening routine. It has a garden plaza, a flower garden, and a Zen garden to add to the aesthetics of your surroundings.

The open lawns provide ample space for you to let your imagination do the talking. Lastly, the amphitheater and children’s play area have the promise of many hours well-spent.

Design and Architecture which Balances Utility and Aesthetic 
There are three primary villa types offered by Adarsh Palm Acres. Each villa type has been crafted carefully to suit contemporary aesthetics while being largely Vaastu compliant.

Enjoy the beauty of green spaces from the comfort of the living and dining spaces as they overlook the lawn. Large fenestrations have been built to complement the natural spaces.

The façade of the villas has been made to appeal to contemporary sensibilities by borrowing from modern aesthetics.

The villas have been positioned in a way to allow for maximum sunlight to enter homes. A feeling of expansiveness is lent by the high ceilings, tall entrances as well as large windows. The villas have been built keeping sustainability and the health of the environment in mind. They are eco-friendly, possess a climate-conscious orientation and can be used to harvest rain-water.

Club House Packed with Amenities
The Club House, which is part of the Adarsh Palm Acres, has more amenities than you can find the time to use. The Club House features a restaurant, swimming pool, gym and a multi-purpose hall where you can host gatherings which people will remember. The Club House has many sports and games options such as Badminton Courts, Table Tennis, Billiards and Pool, Basketball Court, and so on.

The Club House has been built keeping your relaxation needs in mind. They offer a gateway to a modern lifestyle which is active and social while keeping every comfort in mind.

The Adarsh Palm Acres is a blend of modern living in the midst of natural spaces. You can find out more about the project here.

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