Adarsh Sanctuary: A place that brings peace to your soul

November 6th, 2020

Our home is our most intimate refuge. After a long, hard day at work, this is where we replenish and rejuvenate our spirit. To be able to do that in the midst of nature can be therapeutic. At Adarsh Sanctuary in Bangalore, you get to connect with the exquisite aspects of natural beauty in your quest to achieve nirvana. It is one of the most prized projects of the Adarsh groups who are known for their innovative housing solutions.

Situated in South East Bangalore, Adarsh Sanctuary has been envisioned as a space full of serenity and tranquility. It offers excellent connectivity to the rest of the city. On top of that, this picturesque housing project also gives you just the perfect amount of shelter and privacy from the tiring urban lifestyle. Each of its 172 villas is lavish and luxurious, perfect for those who are looking to live life, king-size!

Health is the key to a happy life

There is no alternative to a happy, healthy life with your loved ones. In the current scenario, where a healthy body is more precious than all the riches in the world, Adarsh Sanctuary gives you ample options to take care of your body and soul.

A robust meditation plaza is all you need to achieve inner zen. Begin your morning with the right amount of calmness as you meditate to the sound of a thousand chirping birds. A full-range health club and Yoga center are also available at Adarsh Sanctuary. After all, health is the ultimate wealth.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

As we run in the constant rat race of our jobs and achievements, we often forget to take a break and catch up with the finer things in life. The sprawling estate of Adarsh Sanctuary is the perfect solution to all the quality me-time that you miss out on.

When was the last time you spent laughing and playing with your kids? When did you last take a romantic stroll with your loved one? At Adarsh Sanctuary, your options are infinite. An adventurous play park is the ideal place to have a picnic with you family on a lazy weekend. Maybe you can spend a fun-filled afternoon with your toddlers in the treehouse of the complex, letting your inner child giggle to glory. A fragrant garden present within the sanctuary premises is perfect for that evening walk with your partner as you enjoy the glorious colors of the sunset.

Fill your soul with the purity of nature

If you, like many others, feel claustrophobic in the competitive urban setting, breathe in peace at Adarsh Sanctuary. Every villa of this residential project has access to lush greenery and beautiful natural elements. A colorful Koi Pond containing beautiful carp is present in the premises. You can spend hours admiring the beauty of the fish.

Integrated into this spacious luxury residential project is a luscious green teak grove worth 12000 sqft. Pure and unadulterated natural beauty is a constant at Adarsh Sanctuary. Wherever your eyes wander, they are sure to land on different shades of green. Revel in the beauty and serenity of nature as its healing touch washes away all your tiredness.

Thus, Adarsh Sanctuary is the perfect living space for an old soul looking for beauty in this busy world. It provides the unique combination of fine living and nature’s pampering. Bring happiness and laughter back to the lives of you and your loved ones. Residing at Adarsh Sanctuary is bound to replenish your ties with Mother Nature and bring contentment in your life.

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