Adarsh Sanctuary – Going back to our roots! – Benefits of creating the right environment for a holistic well-being

December 7th, 2019

Adarsh Sanctuary

In today’s world, where our environment continually shapes us and evolves our personality, we seek a holistic environment that caters to our inner Thrill Seeker, Adventurer, and Go-Getter that we become.

At Adarsh Sanctuary, for the fertile minds like yours, you get the best of both worlds – holistic well-being and luxurious living.

Located off Sarjapur Road, Adarsh Sanctuary packs in the charm of elegant homes surrounded by the perfect environment for utmost peace and happiness. Let’s take a look at the benefits offered by Adarsh Sanctuary that creates the right setting for your holistic well-being.

Serenity and Peace

Situated amid the busy suburb called Sarjapur Road, Avalahalli in Bengaluru, Adarsh Sanctuary is an enticing property that enables you to enjoy calm and peace within its gated confines. Yes, this property is an oasis of tranquility dotted with beautiful villas. Add to that lovely gardens and green backyards redefining the beauty of the villas, and you have the perfect setting to spend peaceful days and nights while soaking in the bliss of nature. The best part is that you are never far away from the city life and yet have an easy opportunity to reconnect with nature and de-stress.

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Elegance and Style

Imagine a well-designed property exhibiting classic architecture, intricately decorated exterior, tastefully carved windows, spacious rooms with high ceilings, and ample ventilation for fresh air and sunlight to play around. If you have a taste for the more beautiful things in life, you would love to call such a place your home. While Adarsh Sanctuary stands true on all these counts, it goes one step further. It adds a touch of old-world charm to the whole place to give the property a distinct beauty of its own. By infusing the perfect combination of style and elegance, this property makes opulence a part of everyday living.

Amenities and Security

When it comes to facilities, this property offers nothing short of the best to its residents. At the same time, it provides the security and intimacy of a gated community. Adorned with a multipurpose court, children’s play area, well-equipped gym, and more, the property makes sure that you have all kinds of world-class facilities needed for enjoying a luxurious lifestyle. Additionally, it provides complete privacy to the residents. In other words, Adarsh Sanctuary ticks the boxes for comfort and convenience with ease.

To sum it up, Adarsh Sanctuary breaks away from the trend of ordinary city homes and sets the benchmark for unmatched living spaces that ensure the holistic well-being of the residents. By incorporating green spaces and old-world charm, the property leads you back to your roots without compromising on comfort or amenities. It is the perfect dream home where you can experience the joys of a relaxed life in a serene ambience.

Adarsh Sanctuary, located off Sarjapur Road offers its residents more than a home to call their own. It provides the key to holistic well-being, even as they remain in touch with nature.

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