Adarsh Sanctuary: A Tranquil Place Bringing Families Closer

March 11th, 2021

Villas come with all the freedom of being in an independent house. Lately, villas have become a preferred mode of living due to its exclusivity and better lifestyle offerings. 

Life in villas has its own perks, and the most significant one is when your neighbours become your extended family. Keeping that aside, allow Adarsh Group to take you to the dense green part of South East Bangalore. 

Finding a home that suits all your requirements can be a tedious task in this location. However, Adarsh Group got their choicest designs and architectural brains into action to build up a perfect home, surrounded by serenity. Meet Adarsh Sanctuary, a perfect example of luxury, tranquility, greenery, and beauty. 

Reviving the Desire to Return Home 

We live in a busy world and the only comfort we wish for at the end of the day is to return to our peaceful haven. Having a gated community and robust security, Adarsh Sanctuary brings the entire package of luxury closely related to nature. The colossal teak groves are the best pick for morning jogs and evening walks. 

Situated at the heart of south east Bengaluru, Adarsh Sanctuary provides a township of 172 villas making the residents transfix with the natural beauty surrounding them. Adarsh Sanctuary proffers various indoor and outdoor amenities.

You can find indoor amenities like badminton, squash, and table tennis courts for both young minds and parents to spend quality time. Adarsh Sanctuary also offers many outdoor amenities like swimming pools, outdoor fitness station, multiplay court, forest park, tree house, and walking trails. If this doesn’t please you much, hear this out; they offer an area granted only for amphitheatre, pavilions, and adventurous play parks!

An Epitome of Exquisite Lifestyle

It is not news that Bengaluru lifestyle attracts more people than ever. Another fact is that humans tend to move to greener pastures surrounded by IT parks and technological institutions. This is what you avail when you choose Adarsh Sanctuary. 

Adarsh Sanctuary’s neighbourhood consists of educational institutions and hospitals. Everyone dreams of a house, the one that befits well with your lifestyle. Small or large, families often go for a home that leaves enough room for nature and fresh air. 

A Home Away from Home

One can find luxury in every detail of Adarsh Sanctuary project. From private gardens to expansive balconies, and magnificent patios, the Sanctuary villas offer premium amenities that pamper the residents from top to bottom! They also provide a space for pets, yes, you heard it right! You can bury all your tensions and refresh your mind by snuggling with your pets at pet parks, just another fabulous amenity you can find at Adarsh Sanctuary!

Adarsh Sanctuary is the replica of a home away from home. If you are moving to Bangalore or looking to relocate to a villa, this might be your chance to select the luxury lifestyle you deserve. Adarsh Group gives you a multitude of reasons to revive the desire to return home.

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