Affordable & Eco-friendly Home Decorating Ideas

July 22nd, 2021

If you are keen on creating an eco-friendly and pleasant home, then you do not necessarily require to spend huge amounts on purchasing sustainable items for furnishing the interiors of your home. Going green is surely a way to lead a good and healthy life in which you can make some sensible and mindful choices for preserving the natural resources of the earth. You can initiate with the pledge of not purchasing any plastic containers in your home any further or you can make up your mind to plant more and more trees in and around your home. When you opt to make some eco-friendly choices, you would surely contribute your bit towards saving the planet from getting polluted by hazardous wastes and harmful chemicals. This is high time to start inculcating more and more eco-friendly habits in ourselves as well as our children as they are the ones to build a bright future. If you have thoughts of turning your abode into a completely eco-friendly habitat but without costing a fortune, then we have some great tips for you to pursue. Here are these effective eco-friendly home decorating tips that would inspire you in revamping your house in the desired nature-friendly way.

  1. Adopt more and more indoor plants
    Firstly, plants would never ever disappoint you as these would bring a lot of life in the dull spaces in your home. Alongside, the indoor plants bring a lot of freshness to your home’s interior space as well as purify the air too. The trees and plants significantly help in balancing the humidity level within your house. This would also reduce the chances of your family falling sick. The growing plants have several proven benefits on the psychic well-being of a person as well. You can ideally choose certain air-purifying plants like Snake plant, ZZ plant, Peace Lilly, Palm, Spider plant etc. for decorating your house’s indoors. In case you have a spacious balcony, then you should surely place certain hanging plants like a series of creepers and flowering varieties for creating a refreshing and pleasant little garden.
  2. Using energy-efficient lighting
    Another very useful tip for sustainable living is giving up the usage of artificial lightings in your home that consume a lot of electricity and adopt energy-efficient lighting for your house. If you have a fancy chandelier in your living room that looks absolutely stunning but consumes a lot of electricity when switched on, then you should refrain from using that chandelier daily and adopt energy-efficient lighting options like CFLs & LED lights for enjoying great savings on your energy bills. Also, the LED lights give much softer light and are long-lasting, unlike the traditional incandescent lights.
  3. Choosing non-toxic wall paints
    Painting your house walls is an unavoidable process and this should be performed once every few years. You should make it a point not to use any wall paint that contains any toxic chemicals. Many paints contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to the environment as well as humans. These particular compounds can indeed release certain harmful emissions that can cause chronic diseases. A little amount of research or consulting a painting professional before selecting the paints would help you in choosing non-toxic wall paints.
  4. Décor materials that are sustainable
    If you wish to purchase new and fancy decorative stuff for jazzing up your house, then you should necessarily purchase some items made of natural materials like linen, bamboo, wool, plant fibre, jute etc. You should put in some conscious effort in avoiding décor materials prepared out of synthetic materials. For example, you should preferably use curtains manufactured out of linen, organic wool or hemp that are apt for creating an absolutely eco-friendly space for living.
  5. Purchasing second-hand items for your house is a great idea
    Purchasing second-hand items may seem to be weird especially if you are not habituated to do so. However, this is not that bad as you perceive to be. Some people have already started to realize that they are uselessly wasting big amounts on purchasing expensive accessories and furniture. So now this is your turn for exploring used items like appliances, apparel, furniture etc. In case you are keen on saving some considerably big amount of money as well as want to do your bit in saving the environment, then you should adopt certain used stuff as well. In today’s digital world, you have unlimited opportunities of discovering second-hand items in your city. Several social media and digital platforms like Quikr, Facebook marketplace, e-Bay, OLX etc. are a few of the leading portals you should look forward to.

Following the above affordable, easy and eco-friendly home decorating ideations would surely facilitate you in adding a lot of charm to your house, while you can be very proud in contributing to reduce the carbon footprint.

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