An ideal dream home for nature lovers Adarsh Sanctuary – Where Beauty Meets Substance

February 22nd, 2020

South-East Bangalore. Close to the city yet far from the pollution, this project may exactly be what you’re looking for.

Adarsh Sanctuary is a villa project situated in South-East Bangalore. This development caters to individuals and families who want a home that provides a respite from the chaos and pollution of urban life while being close enough to access the benefits of the city at any time.

This project is being developed for discerning homeowners who want their homes to elevate their lifestyle. It balances a diverse range of world-class amenities that cater to every modern disposition with sheer natural beauty for homeowners and guests to enjoy.

All the villas of Adarsh Sanctuary have been made with the needs of its residents in mind. The villas combine architectural brilliance with precise execution to give you an experience that stands the test of time. Here is a snapshot of the several ways in which a villa in this township can be your dream home.

Live and Breathe with Nature 

Sheer natural beauty envelops this township to provide a unique experience unheard of in the city. Rolling parklands and a teak grove are the main attractions, providing relief and a feeling of well-being every time you glance at them.

The teak grove is located near the clubhouse and the park, and you can easily take a stroll through it at your heart’s desire. If you don’t have a daily walking habit yet, expect to develop one if you find yourself living in this township.

Each villa entails a front garden where you can grow your favorite greens and flowers. The front garden connects to pedestrian sidewalks and the common plantation areas. Gardening, which is a rare luxury in Indian homes, is now a hobby that you can enjoy at any time.

An Endless List of Indoor and Outdoor Amenities 

It’s important to this project that homeowners don’t just buy a villa but buy into a lifestyle. This is ensured by the vast range of amenities that this project offers. There are facilities available to suit every need or desire. Amenities catering to recreational, health, meditation, entertainment, adventure are available so you’re sure to find a thing or two that you enjoy and can fit into your day or week.

A few of the amenities are a gym, health club, indoor games, multipurpose hall, swimming pool, forest park, teak groves, koi pond, pet park, pavilions, and open lawns. As you might have noticed, your pets will find joy here as well, thanks to the pet park.

Attention to Detail That Speaks

At its root, this project is a manifestation of a living experience that is similar to the most elite residential areas of the world. This has been done through sheer attention-to-detail and value engineering that takes into account not only the villas themselves but the surroundings and infrastructure as well.

The materials used for the construction are selected with the utmost care, and this shows in the quality of the pathways, roads, gardens, and civic facilities. The pedestrian infrastructure, water system, electrical and telecommunication networks can withstand time and nature.


If you want your home to be more than just a place to eat and sleep, then Adarsh Sanctuary might be what you’re looking for. Have a look at the details of the project, and we are sure that you will love what you see.

RERA No. – PRM/KA/RERA/1251/446/PR/191025/002966.

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