Bellandur – Reasons to invest in an apartment

January 18th, 2020

Bellandur has witnessed unprecedented growth in the last few decades. The high-quality of life on offer, along with the investment opportunities, has not gone unnoticed. Bellandur has been attracting investments from not only major commercial players but also from individual investors. Bolstered by the great employment opportunities, Bellandur is one of the hot spots of Bangalore’s real estate sector. Check out some of the best investment opportunities available today.

Why Invest in an Apartment in Bellandur?

Individuals and families from all over Bangalore are choosing to call Bellandur their home. It is a peaceful and idyllic suburb to the east of the city. Over the last decade, the number of people moving to Bellandur has only increased manifolds. Many of these families are opting to settle down permanently in Bellandur, and their first significant investment is usually an apartment.

Only a decade ago, if you asked anyone in Bangalore about Bellandur, they would only think of the lake which adorns this region. Today, Bellandur is known for its sprawling IT parks, large residential complexes, restaurants, and shopping malls. Bellandur has been a dream opportunity for those looking to invest in real estate. The area has been one of the fastest-growing locations in Bangalore, and returns on investment have been largely stable and consistent. Bellandur does not just enjoy investment from Bangalore residents, but also non-residential Indians living in diverse places such as The US, UK, Middle East, and even Australia.

Property owners in Bellandur contributed the highest amount of property tax amongst all of Bangalore’s 198 wards. Their total contribution was over a hundred crores for the financial year 2019. This bears evidence of the fast-paced development, which Bellandur has witnessed over the last couple of decades.

Bellandur isn’t just a prime location for individuals looking to invest, but also a preferred option for families looking to put down roots. The outer ring road of Bangalore passes through Bellandur making it very easy for residents to commute between the eastern and southern parts of the city. There are several educational institutions in the vicinity & healthcare facilities available in the area are bolstered by the presence of large hospitals.

There are several housing complexes that have come up in the area in recent years, and more are on the way. Bellandur is on the fast-track to becoming the most sought-after destination within Bangalore. Take a look at what the Adarsh Palm Retreat has to offer in this region.

Situated in the center of Bangalore’s great IT corridor, this housing development consists of several large housing projects. The Adarsh Palm Retreat is an integrated living community which consists of various housing projects like the Villas, Condominiums, Mayberry & Lakefront. The Adarsh Palm Retreat does a delicate balancing act of being affordable, while at the same time being situated within city limits. It boasts of several amenities such as gyms, swimming pools, outdoor children’s play areas, to name a few. You can find 2BHK, 3BHK and 4BHK apartments here complemented by all the latest amenities.

To know more about Adarsh Palm Retreat, check out the details here.

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