Close to Home, Convenient to Office: Apartments in JP Nagar Bangalore.

June 26th, 2023

Searching for the perfect home in a bustling city like Bangalore can feel overwhelming, especially when you want to balance your work and personal life. That’s where Adarsh Stratuss Apartments in JP Nagar Bangalore comes in, which offers residents a serene and convenient living experience that perfectly complements the city’s cosmopolitan culture and thriving IT industry. 

Whether you’re a young professional looking to start your career or a family seeking a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle, Adarsh Stratuss is the ideal choice for you.

Adarsh Stratuss: The Epitome of Refined Luxury in South Bangalore 

Indulge in the lap of luxury at Adarsh Stratuss! Boasting a stunning panoramic view and an ambiance of refined sophistication, luxury apartments in Bangalore South, Adarsh Stratuss, are the epitome of luxury. Designed to cater to your lavish lifestyle, its spacious 3 BHK apartments are unmatched in luxury and comfort. With 30 storeys of concrete apartments spread over 1.5 acres of land, the project is truly a sight to behold. 

Immerse yourself in enlightened living, and experience the ultimate luxury lifestyle with our flats in JP Nagar. 

Come home to Adarsh Stratuss and elevate your living standards today! 

The Highlights:

  • 81% Open Green Space 
  • Green spaces are vital to creating a thriving and sustainable urban environment. With 81% open green space, our community enjoys a significant advantage, as it helps to minimize the urban heat island effect and improve air and water quality. In addition, access to green spaces has been proven to boost mental health, physical activity, and overall well-being. 

  • Ultra-Luxurious – 3 BHK Condos 
  • Experience the epitome of luxury living with ultra-luxurious 3 BHK condos at Adarsh Stratuss. Our condos offer a premium living experience with high-end amenities and luxurious features that exceed your expectations. Indulge in premium quality finishes and materials, such as exquisite marble flooring, designer lighting fixtures, and high-end appliances that add to the grandiosity of your home.

  • Best State-of-art Infrastructure 
  • Adrash Stratuss apartments in JP Nagar Bangalore are stacked up with smart home automation systems that bring convenience to your fingertips, allowing you to control all aspects of your home, such as lighting, temperature, and security, using your smartphones or other devices. 

    Relax and rejuvenate amidst state-of-the-art amenities, such as: 

    • Fully equipped fitness center 
    • Swimming pool 
    • Spa 
    • Club Lounge 

    All are designed to elevate your lifestyle to the next level.   

  • Close Proximity to Various Important  Places 
  • Nestled in the vicinity of Banashankari, Bannerghatta Road, Jayanagar, and BTM Layout, Adarsh Stratuss provides easy access to prominent schools, universities, healthcare facilities, shopping centers, entertainment spots, and more. 

    Further, Adarsh Stratuss is strategically located in close proximity to major employment centers, including : 

    • International Tech Park (ITPB) 
    • Manyata Business Park 
    • Electronic City, 
    • KIADB Industry 

    The area’s excellent public transportation, road network, and proximity to the international airport enhance its appeal as a sought-after residential destination. 

Adarsh Stratuss Dimensions: To Suit Every Dweller’s Needs 

Type A1 flats 2400 sq. ft.
Type A2 flats 2380 sq. ft.
Type A3 flats 2410 sq. ft.
Type A4 flats 2515 sq. ft.

Summing it up 

Adarsh Stratuss Apartments in JP Nagar Bangalore provides the perfect balance of serenity and convenience, making it an ideal place to call home in the bustling city of Bangalore. With its stunning panoramic views, refined sophistication, and spacious 3 BHK apartments, Adarsh Stratuss epitomizes opulence in South Bangalore. 

And with its proximity to the city’s cosmopolitan culture and thriving IT industry, Adarsh Stratuss is truly the perfect balance of work and play.

If you want to know more about the luxury apartments in Bangalore South, Adarsh Stratuss, please contact us at +91 63649 21355 or  

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