Colours can make or break the look of a house. Choose your wall paints wisely

October 23rd, 2020

For every homeowner, their new house is precious. Apart from the obvious monetary value related to the property, the intrinsic emotional value of a home is immeasurable. Your new house should be perfect. It should have just the right furniture, the right flooring, and the right textiles to adorn it. However, to make sure that your house looks the best it can, it is important to focus on the wall paints.

The colours of the walls in any house can make or break the deal. Every wall of your new home is like a blank canvas, waiting to be turned into a masterpiece. But beware, choosing haphazard colour schemes and low-quality paint can severely impact the ambiance of your lovely abode. So, if you are looking to spruce up your residence, always pay attention to your choice of wall paints.

Go for an elegant neutral look or a bold colour palette

Always remember, less is more. Your walls should bring in an essence of warmth and glow into your abode. So, sticking to balanced neutral colour palettes can help to distribute the attention of the onlooker throughout the room. There are ample neutral shades that can go perfectly with any kind of home décor such as:

  • Beige
  • Ivory
  • Tan
  • Caramel

However, if you want your living quarters to sport a bold look, you can opt for vibrant colours on the darker side. To suit this colour palette, make sure to stick to minimalist décor accessories.

Always look at the bigger picture

It is important to choose wall paint for every room of the house while having an idea about the overall décor of the house. Do not look at wall paint for every room of the house as an isolated choice. Instead, work on developing a colour flow throughout the house as per your décor preferences. Different shades of the same colour or complementing wall paints can help maintain a thematic similarity across the rooms.

Do not forget to factor in the furniture

No room is complete without décor accessories like carpets and furniture. So, your wall paints must go hand-in-hand with the furnishings of the room. For example, a warm wall paint palette is suited to wooden furniture. Similarly, a cooler colour palette can go perfectly with metal décor items.

Play around with the colour undertones

As the name suggests, every colour has an undertone or another colour that lurks underneath and lends it character. A simple ivory shade may be transformed into something magical if it has a green undertone. So, it is important to choose the right undertones for your wall paints. Make sure you take a keen look at colour samples and identify the wall paint best suited for your house.

Choose the right sheen to wrap things up

Last but not least, what is a wall paint if it does not shimmer the way you want it to? There are numerous sheen options available for wall paints. Depending on how glamorous or muted the look of your walls to be, you can choose from flat matte, satin enamel, eggshell enamel, high-gloss enamel, and a variety of other sheens.

Thus, choosing the right wall paints can make your home look a living, breathing paradise. With the right colours, your house can become the talk of the town. Adarsh Group is known for designing luxurious residences that complement your unique personality and lifestyle. The residential projects are famed for providing the utmost comfort and adding a pop of happiness to your life.

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