Your Dream Apartment on a Realistic Budget- A blog on 2 Bhk Apartments Near Jakkur

December 20th, 2022

Experience living in the crest of nature and away from the hustle of chaos. Adarsh Group brings you the opportunity of comfortable living amidst nature and open space at Adarsh Greens. These 1 and 2 BHK apartments near Jakkur are an ensemble of luxury living with the quintessence of living amidst nature. 

Think luxury and greenery within a residential complex? Adarsh Greens project strikes the perfect synchronicity between luxury living and greenery with its plush residential complex, nestled in serene surroundings. 

Located in the suburban neighbourhood of North Bangalore, this development is well-connected to major landmarks of the city such as RMZ Galleria Mall, and Elements Mall, and significant locations such as Yelahanka and Hebbal. 

This residential project by Adarsh Group comes with a comprehensive suite of features and entertainment pursuits within an affordable budget, to help you live your dreams of living in the lap of nature. Here’s how:

Easy Transportation

With institutions, hospitals, and workplaces within a distance of 20-25 minutes from Adarsh Greens, residents can easily commute and save the distress of being stuck in Bangalore traffic for hours. 

A few kilometres away from Manyata Tech Park, it is the ideal location for IT employees as well. 

Indulge in Outdoor Sports and a Greener Lifestyle

From clubhouse indoor activities to strolling in open spaces, Adarsh Greens Apartments come with a comprehensive range of activities that you can make the most of, to live a healthier lifestyle. With indoor facilities such as a gym room, aerobics room, yoga or meditation centre, you can take care of your mental peace and stay fit, while open spaces will offer you the perfect space to take a run or simply breathe in the fresh air. 

The complex accommodates eccentric and aesthetic gardens of ferns and orchards, attracting birds and butterflies, and creating an atmosphere where humans are at one with nature. 

Adarsh Greens also comes with an extensive sporting area that consists of a football field, volleyball court, tennis court, cricket net and giant open space board game areas. 

These facilities have been exclusively installed in Adarsh Green 2 BHK Apartments near Jakkur to offer a healthy lifestyle for the elite residents of Adarsh Greens. The campus is also endowed with well-maintained pools such as the leisure pool, children’s pool, and lap pool. 

High-end Infrastructure for Comfortable Living

The Adarsh Greens venture has not only aimed at curating sustainable living amidst greenery, but also a high-end living environment incorporated with water conservation systems, urban decor, modern amenities, and strong surveillance. 

This has helped the residents of Adarsh Greens live with their families tucked in safety, as our surveillance systems and 24/7 security ensure complete protection. 

The 1 BHK apartments in Adarsh Greens have a built-in area of 650 sq. ft while the 2 BHK apartments are spread across 1005 sq. ft. This will be beneficial for residents who wish to opt for 1 BHK apartment or families who need a larger space and might opt for 2 BHK apartments. 

Modern engineering and architectural design have made Adarsh Greens Apartments one of the finished Adarsh Group projects on a realistic budget. Along with polished furnishing and painting, the project is seismic Zone II compliant, ensuring safety in times of natural disaster or danger. 

Furnished Interiors

The interiors are highly furnished as standard materials have been used for interiors. From vitrified flooring to ceramic tiles, the decors are a complete reflection of premium living. Prioritizing the security of residents, every apartment is installed with safe electrical switches, high network connectivity and power backups. 

With every little aspect taken care of, and the service team at your disposal, your living experience in Adarsh Greens will be peaceful, with the promise of comfort and joy. 

Experience Comfort and Greenery at Adarsh Greens Apartments!

Surrounded by natural green foliage to offer a peaceful living experience, living at Adarsh Greens can be purely magical as we transform your living experience into something peaceful, tucked away into a natural surrounding, away from the cacophony of Bangalore city life. But, never too far from work or basic amenities. 

Making premium living possible for all since 1988, Adarsh Group is proud to have served 50,000+ clients and continues to improve its ventures for futuristic urban living, keeping that element of nature alive!

It is tough to find residential complexes today that prioritize greenery and create living spaces around it, as skyscrapers cut through foliage and offer a city-life-like experience. With Adarsh Greens Apartments, you can live peacefully and experience an active lifestyle with indoor and outdoor activities. 

To learn more about us, you can visit our website or email us at for more information. Happy living with Adarsh Group!

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