Energy Saving Tips Once You Move To Your New House

October 30th, 2018

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Moving into a new home but aren’t sure how to live sustainably? Let’s start with being energy efficient.

Electricity is the currency of our lifestyles and without it, we’d be living in boredom. However, our entertainment and luxury end up costing the environment. Thankfully, Mother Nature is by our side with sustainable living practices. If it’s your first time switching homes or you’re already thinking of remodeling it to be energy efficient, here are a few tips that will shift your perspective and promote a modern but sustainable lifestyle:

1.Replace Your Light Bulbs
Traditional incandescent light bulbs consume tons of electricity and are best replaced with energy-efficient alternatives like Compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) and Light-emitting diodes (LEDs). The figures on your utility bills will be 80% lower and the bulbs will last up to 25 times longer!

2.Utilize Smart Power Strips
Ever wondered why you appliances consume power despite being turned off? Chances are, they’re plugged into the power outlet. This is what we call a ‘phantom load’ and there’s a way around this. Smart Power Strips are the solution and you get models which are programmable these days. They automatically turn off and you can manually set them to shut down after a period of inactivity or time.

3.Change Your Habits
Your habits make your lifestyle. If you’re using energy efficient appliances but still getting crazy-high electricity bills, you’re doing something wrong. Let’s start with the basics.

If you’re a thermostat user, don’t max out the temperature. Use Ceiling fans and lower your thermostat usage. If you forget to switch off the lights and fans, set an alarm or a reminder that goes off in those rooms. Switching off unused appliances will save bucket loads of money in your utilities. Period. When buying a new thermostat, look for models which are labeled smart and programmable. Smart thermostats switch off automatically when you’re away from home or sleeping. Don’t use the washing machine for 2 or 3 clothes but full-loads instead. This will cut down on washing cycles and reduce energy usage. Naturally air-dry dishes overnight instead of running them through dishwasher dryers.

4.Use Solar Water Heating
Solar-powered technology has come a long way since its inception and electric geysers are the ultimate boon for the modern household. They’re energy efficient, easy to maintain, and don’t bundle operating costs. Install them on rooftops and watch your electricity bills cut down in half.

5.Use 3-Star Rated Appliances
3-Star rated electrical appliances are known to be energy efficient and cut down electricity consumption by up to 20%. The five-star rated air conditioning systems and washing machines lower power consumption by up to 30%! When buying appliances which are energy-efficient, look for the star-rating label to save electricity.

6.Use Reflective Paint for Rooftops
Hot roofs make ACs consume more energy by increasing heat flow inside buildings. You can reverse this by getting your rooftops designed with reflective paint. White roofs are known to restrict temperature increases by 7 degrees celsius to 15 degrees celsius in the summers. The result? Your ACs don’t take up that much electricity and your rooms cool faster.

And that’s it! These simple tips will kick start your journey towards sustainable living and turn your new home energy-efficient.

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