Evolving Amenities and Their Influence on Homebuyers

November 30th, 2017

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Gone are the days when homebuyers bought a flat or villa in a gated community based only on the property’s location or the developer’s reputation. While the property’s location and developer’s reputation still plays a significant role, today’s homebuyers are mighty influenced by the many amenities that builders and developers offer with their flats and villas.

We know that earlier the term ‘amenities’ was exclusively used for a hotel. Not anymore!

For a home buyer, amenities play an important role in zeroing in on a property as most of the features and facilities associated with a property,nowadays, are termed as amenities. This includes the property’s location; the view it offers of the sea, lake or any waterfront; landscaped gardens and parks; easy access to hills, highways, recreational spots, etc. Exterior amenities associated with a property include the property’s proximity to schools, colleges, hospitals, shopping malls, multiplexes and so on.

The next amenity on the list that people most often look for when buying a property is its proximity to their office. It is not a hidden secret anymore that successful and dedicated professionals abhor the idea of long commutes to and from workplace. A property thus generates high demand when located near a business hub or IT Tech Park.

Rapid urbanization has been one of the prime reasons why builders and developers are compelled to add more appealing facilities and features to their residential complexes. Homebuyers today are not content with just four walls, a ceiling and a floor. They want much more than the usual giveaways; they want comfort and luxury around them without having to travel distances for it.

Homebuyers are on a constant look out for comfort, ambience, convenience, security, entertainment and the most important thing peace of mind. Thus, within their residential complexes, builders and developers are leaving no stone unturned to provide buyers the peace of mind that they desire. From sophisticated CCTV cameras keeping a vigil of every nook and corner to well-trained security personnel manning the premises round-the-clock, security is one of those amenities that developers these days don’t hesitate to provide. Well-trained and cordial housekeeping personnel are another addition that developers offer as an amenity these days.

Express elevators, open and picturesque landscapes, jogging tracks, swimming pool, community area, children’s play zone with sand pits and sit-out areas are some of the other interesting amenities that come along a property. A Clubhouse is yet another enticing amenity that comes with a host of features, such as multi-functional gym, badminton and squash court, table tennis tables and designated spaces for recreational activities.

Some high-end residential complexes are going the extra mile to serve their buyers better by adding spas and beauty salons, multiplexes and small departmental stores that sell daily groceries and vegetables, and so on. While developers of high-end villas and apartment complexes are happy to offer such luxurious amenities, these amenities definitely add up to the property’s total cost.

Here’s a list of important amenities and optional amenities that a buyer must look at and consider before buying a villa or flat.

Important Amenities

These are some of the ‘must have’ amenities necessary to lead a peaceful and hassle-free life.

| Car Parking | Security | Water Supply | Rainwater Harvesting | Elevators |

| 24/7 Power Backup | Maintenance of Common Areas | Children’s Play Zone |

| Open Landscape & Green Environs | Community Hall |

Optional Amenities

While these amenities are not absolutely necessary, they do help in leading a relaxed yet energized life.

| Jogging Track | Gym | Clubhouse | Swimming Pool | Spa & Salon | Concierge Services |

| Restaurants | Multiplex | Wi-Fi Connectivity | Departmental Store | Vegetable Vendors |

It is therefore advisable to always opt for amenities that the buyer thinks would be required on a day-to-day basis throughout their life. On the other hand, when amenities look attractive buyers need to be doubly sure about its practicality in their life as these amenities come at a price. Buyers also need to keep in mind that with more number of amenities the maintenance charges per month or year also increases.

Are you ready for that? Does your monthly budget allow you to avail these amenities? Will these amenities affect the resale value of the property? Whatever be the reason, just ensure that your choice of amenities is as per your requirement, preference, affordability and exclusivity.

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