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September 29th, 2022

While most people dream of owning a penthouse in the heart of New York or settling by the river banks in the United Kingdom, some find the pleasure and peace of home in Bangalore. 

Scaled to the top as one of the largest corporate hubs in the Asia Pacific, Bangalore is not only prominent for its cultural prosperity but also for its economic affluence. Today Bangalore strives to cross London to become the biggest economy along with racing up the unicorn charts. 

The unforeseen growth of the city has influenced the luxurious lifestyle where it stands today. Earlier, people used to build homes in order to find themselves in a decent locality in the city, but today, it is more of a comfort, luxury-seeking, or investment driven.

Peace, tranquillity, and comfort; are some of the things people sought after at a certain stage of their life, but when tranquillity can be anywhere, what’s the need to look everywhere?

That is exactly why Adarsh Group’s Luxury Villas in North Bangalore bring home the joy of tranquillity in the name of Adarsh Tranqville. 

Designed and developed to suit the modern-day lifestyle and millennial choices. Adarsh Tranqville Villas brings the serene life alive. 

The project lies amiably off Hennur road on 14 acres of green land hosting a precisely planned and designed 106 homes. 

Life at Adarsh Tranqville not only comes with comfort and convenience but with various perks of its own. The boundless Luxury Villas in North Bangalore provide you with the privacy of your own, the comforts of a plush resort, the security of a gated community, and the intimacy of knowing likeminded individuals as neighbours while being comfortably away from the chaos of the city. 

Adarsh Tranqville exudes peace, natural beauty, and impeccable style and is equipped with world-class amenities.

How Adarsh Tranqville House for Sale in Hennur Road Bangalore stands as a symbol of luxury

  • Elite Residential Plans

Elegant decor and sheer interior are not the only mastery of this House for Sale in Hennur Road Bangalore. 

Right from the stage of planning to the end of execution, all the villas in the Tranqville community are spacially oriented to perfectly blend with the outdoor serenity.

From ensuring a beautiful outdoor space, and sizeable dining area to a relaxing basement den, we ensure your house is in an elite structure along with all the necessary Vaastu compliance.

  • The Tranqville Advantage

The Tranqville community’s  Luxury Villas in North Bangalore have an exclusive environment to explore. The closely enclosed gated community offers first-grade security leaving you at ease. With no vehicles and pollution at play, you have a much safer place for your children, senior citizen, and joggers. 

The ample greenery and beautiful landscapes soothe and rejuvenate your mind along with amenities like a gym, swimming pool, health club, play areas, tranquillity gardens, and much more to explore. 

  • The Harmony Of Nature & Sophistication 

The eye-soothing greenery, pollution-less air, and a home that extends to nature’s dwelling will enthral you with an impeccable experience of living in the harmony of nature while enjoying the sophistication of modern-urban living. 

With an ideal location, to-tick-off amenities, and dream villa house for sale in Hennur Road Bangalore, Adarsh Tranqville makes the exotic stop for luxury villas in Bangalore. 

 The gated community has the capacity to accommodate 106 villa plots with six variant configurations. 

Easting Facing  3445 sq. ft (45’11’’ x 75’0’’)
West Facing 3445 sq. ft
North Facing  3445 sq. ft
South Facing  3445 sq. ft
Semi-detached East Facing  2600 sq. ft
Semi-detached West Facing 2600 sq. ft

To know more about the Adarsh Tranqville Villas, call us at +91  63 6492 1355 or +91 80 4134 3400; email us at or fill in the inquiry form to request a call-back.

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