Five reasons why people buy villas over apartments

December 18th, 2019

While making the most important investment decision of their lives, people often find themselves juggling between the option of buying an apartment within a gated community or choosing to invest in an independent villa. There could be many factors that affect your ultimate buying decision, however more often when faced with this dilemma, people in Bangalore prefer sealing the deal by opting for a villa over an apartment. Here are a few reasons that make villas in the city of Bangalore a more appealing proposition for home seekers and investors.


One of the main reasons why people prefer a villa over an apartment is that a villa offers more privacy vs a residential complex that houses multiple apartments on the same floor. It always feels more liberating for a hard-working professional to get home to his/her family rather than bumping into neighbours who sprint to approach you at an unfavourable hour to discuss society matters. Villa owners also have the privilege of evading from any controversial discussion that usually takes place in a housing society. Adarsh Group understands this need and curates villas that allow utmost privacy to the villa owners.


Another reason for opting a villa is the greater indoor and outdoor space that it offers, as compared to an apartment. Not having to constrict your dreams and ideas within the walls of your apartment is a great deal. This is especially so when you have children who are in the process of shaping their future in the city of Bangalore. Adarsh Group, therefore, offers an opportunity for home seekers with different family types to own any of the 3 or 4 bedroom spacious villas in upscale localities of Bangalore. Each villa is placed off-centre with its own gardens overlooking the living area and backyard which can be admired from the large windows and private balconies. 


Villa owners are at a privilege when it comes to being spoilt for choice with the unending list of amenities they are offered, as compared to those residing in apartments. Each villa curated by Adarsh Group has its own dedicated parking space exclusively for the villa owners. Moreover, the villa terrace can be used to host private parties and gatherings, which would not have been possible for someone living in an apartment. Villa owners can indulge in a complete range of sports, wellness and recreational amenities, at their disposal 24*7 so that they can live to the fullest of their potential. 


Working professionals and entrepreneurs of Bangalore wish to stay close to their workspace because travelling in peak hours can be quite challenging. Therefore many home seekers have to make a tough choice between opting for a suitable location and staying in an apartment or owning a villa in the suburbs. However, Adarsh Group has strategically housed villa plots at prime locations of Bangalore, such as Whitefield, Marathahalli, Airport toad, Hennur & Sarjapur Road, so that it serves the dual benefit of being close to work and having a comfortable lifestyle.


The villas are either furnished or semi-furnished, and villa owners have the chance to customize their villa decor as per their need, which may not be the case when opting for an apartment. Each villa conceptualized by Adarsh Group uses superior fixtures and materials. This includes imported marble flooring to engineered wood and even high-quality ceramic wear. These modern-age villas also come with complete home automation system for the utmost convenience of the villa owners.

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