A guide to choosing the right color for every room in the house

June 10th, 2021

If you are finding it difficult to choose the perfect color for your home, then you should conduct some level of research to find the optimum color schemes for the walls in different spaces of the house. Here we would disseminate some information regarding the same so that you make a wise and judicious color choice for every room in your house. 

Color ideas for the walls in your living room

The living room is one of the crucial areas in your home as this is the space in your house where you tend to spend the maximum time in your house with your beloved family members. The living room is the place where the homeowners usually entertain their guests at home. You can ideally pick neutral or earthy colors in this area of the house. The colors that are ideal for a living room in your house are French vanilla, aqua mint, white or emerald green. If you want to go for regular colors, then you can go for beige, blue or grey. Black is indeed an unusual color for the living room walls but you can certainly try it out. This would indeed add a unique and non-obvious look to the spacious living room in your house. 

Color ideas for the walls in your dining room 

If you require your dining room to appear cozy & compact and at the same time brimming with energy, then you should ideally pick up warmer shades like yellow or red or a combination of the two. If you aspire to make your dining room appear spacious and bigger, then you should go for the brighter or vibrant tones like yellow, green or purple colors. You can perk the looks of your dining room with beautiful drapes with complementing colors. You can also choose to place metallic wallpaper in your dining room for glamming up the room. 

Color ideas for the walls in your study room 

While the interior experts are of the view that red is the most optimum color for the improvement of one’s concentration and focus, you can opt to experiment with various other shades like deep greys, green or silver hues as these are believed to improve creativity as well as help in focusing in the right way. Yellow and orange are also very preferred hues for the study room as these colors increase alertness to a certain extent. 

Color ideas for the walls in your children’s room 

The popular and ideal shades of children’s rooms are baby blue, pale pink or softer yellow tones. As these are very calm and soothing hues, they would calm down your naughty child. If you wish to pick some of the unusual colors for your room, then you should ensure to select an even brighter shade for adding more enthusiasm. 

Color ideas for the walls in your guest room 

You can opt to choose the right combination of hues for the purpose of decorating the guest room in your house. The best-suggested shades for your guest room are creamy neutrals, lemon or sea colors. You can also choose a chocolate brown shade for making the look of your home comfortable and cozy. You can additionally complement the looks of your room with solid wood furniture and give a welcoming look to the room. 

Color ideas for the walls in your bedroom

The bedrooms in your house should necessarily be painted in soothing colors in order to make it a very calming place. You should ideally choose soothing colors like soft green, lavender, deep blue or pale blue for your bedroom. You can also select lighter tones like white or cream if you prefer lighter shades. 

Color ideas for the walls in your kitchen

The most suitable colors for your kitchen can be green, yellow, grey or white. These particular colors appear to be very bright. Also, the warmer tones are found to stimulate an individual’s appetite to a large extent. Also, orange or hot chilly colors are considered to be perfect shades for a kitchen. 

Color ideas for the walls in your bathroom 

You can opt to use cooler tones like green, blue or creamy white for your bathroom. The bathroom is a zone to relax and the cooler tones would create the perfect ambience for relaxing. Pure white and grey can also be feasible options. Pistachio is a modern color tone that is also largely used in the bathrooms. 


The professional wall painting service providers can provide several other suggestions related to the color and texture of the walls in your house. You should weigh the options carefully and choose the shades as per their suggestions but keeping your preferences in the forefront.

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