How can the Popularity of Residential Townships be Augmented in the Post COVID Era?

July 11th, 2020

Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know – Pema Chodron.

Coronavirus will go away, hopefully in the near future and has taught us more than a few things we need to know.

Importantly, the current Corona pandemic teaches us the importance of good hygiene and strong immunity. With both these things in place, Coronavirus will no more be a threat in a tropical-temperate country like India.

What is the new normal?

Whatever it is, the new normal cannot be ceasing to live.

The new normal is to sanitize ourselves and the surrounding environment regularly, to be better prepared for any unforeseen eventualities, to save some cash if you may have to stay at home for a couple of months and finally social distancing (especially when you are outside of home).

Social distancing is not to avoid socializing. The new normal is nothing but to continue what we did previously, but with a bit of caution. We are strongly reminded not to take things for granted.

Life post COVID-19 Era

We will continue to live, do our chores, travel on personal or official work, go to movies, buy clothes, dine in restaurants and party with friends. All these things are not ‘something special’ in life, but they are life.

When life does not change, so does not living.

Residential Societies after COVID-19

We all are part of families and some of us have extended families. A residential society is nothing but an extended family, where people of different cultures, backgrounds and professions live together sharing some of the common facilities such as jogging tracks or parks, gymnasium, swimming pools, study areas, children’s playgrounds and grocery stores.

But, these facilities or necessities are required even if you are living outside of a residential society in an individual home or an apartment.

Some societies may not have all the features but will still be better placed to regulate their activities and external factors.

The exposure and risk of infection or getting affected would be much more at a public park than in a residential society. Moreover, controlling the risk would be much easier with a select and a lesser population.

Even in the case of a lock-down you can stay at home and carry out all your chores without any disruption.

Lay down the rules

Residential societies can adapt their own set of rules. There may be a problem if one or two persons may contract the virus and if they do not reveal it or not have been diagnosed. But because of general hygiene measures which are definitely a level higher than the hygiene measures adapted by the general public might help to prevent rapid spread.

Lay strict rules on sanitization, crowding or public gatherings, utilization of facilities, divulging of coronavirus status, security measures, social distancing, adhere to symptom checklist etc.

Make it clear to all the residents that any deviation from these regulations will attract penalties (of various degrees).

Practice the new normal


Make sure the whole living premises as well as facilities including grocery stores are sanitized on a regular basis and adhere strictly to standard protocols.

Avoid overcrowding

Have strict rules as to how many people can be together at any one time and that social distancing is maintained at all times.

Have a quarantine facility

Large societies can have some rooms built up which will serve as quarantine facilities in case things go out of control. These rooms can be used for other purposes when there is no pandemic situation. But backup is necessary.

Maid quarters

If feasible, leave a flat or have some rooms built for the house maids, so that they will have no need to leave the building.

Stringent security

Make sure no outsiders such as delivery boys from food outlets or e-commerce enter the society. Either you go down or collect or leave it at your separate locker at the security post.

Boost your immunity

Apart from regular exercise and adding immunity boosting foods to your diet, insist on regular check-ups. Maybe you can outsource this to a diagnostic center and get the whole society get their annual health-checks at discounted prices.

Have a doctor at disposal

If any person shows any suspect symptoms, let him be checked by the doctor, without exception.

Emergency funds

Set aside some amount every month as an emergency fund. You may redistribute or have a get together if the funds go unused.

24 x 7 helpline

Finally, invest in a facility to answer a distress call at any time of the day, to offer advice or any other assistance.

Get together

A pandemic or any emergency situation may require social distancing or to stay away from your loved and dear ones, but it actually is a time to get together emotionally, if not physically.

Your residential society is your family and keep it healthy. As long as your residential society is healthy and is better equipped to deal with unforeseen situations, it will be a necessity to the people.

All human beings are part of one society or the other. No human likes to live alone.

And always remember that ‘Prevention is better than cure’.

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