How to Take Care of Your Home During Monsoon?

September 9th, 2020

Monsoon, the season of romance and poetry, is not always fascinating as it may cause damage to your house and households. So, they need some extra care from you so that your house remains damage-free and safe.

  1. Take care of Drainage system
  2. A blocked drainage system may be one of the most troublesome issues in monsoon. Dry leaves, garbage, and food particles choke the drainage system while being flown with the heavy water flow. A clogged drainage system always emits a bad smell that may spoil the aesthetic ambiance of your home. Also, it may act as the breeding place of mosquitoes, which causes killing diseases like Dengue, Malaria, etc. The huge pressure created by accumulated water may damage your drainage permanently.

    Hence, regular cleaning of drains is needed in the rainy season. Fix up the cracks before the monsoon sets in so that the heavy water flow does not break the pipes.

  3. Look after roof and walls
  4. In monsoon, the walls and ceiling face the common problem of seepage. This may cause permanent damage to your house due to dampness. So these should be taken care of. Check every corner of the roof and the wall whether there is any crack. If any crack is found then seal the crack. It would be better if you use a waterproof mortar to fill the cracks. Before the monsoon arrives, calling the professionals to do the afore-stated things will always be a good idea. Also, fungus and moss start growing on the walls in this season due to excess humidity, which may damage your wall. You should clean your walls, especially exterior walls, as well as roof on a regular basis.

  5. Take care of rust
  6. In this season, rust causes damage to your iron households and window grills. Those should be properly taken care of. Clean the grills regularly with anti-rust cleaners. You may paint the grills, if possible.

  7. Clean the pathways
  8. The pathways should get special attention in this season as they become slippery, catching up algae and moss. In order to keep the pathway clean and dry, it should be treated with chlorine water. The pathway should be scraped properly while cleaning.

  9. It is the time to keep the carpets away
  10. Although carpet always gives an elegant look to your hall, it is not an easy task to maintain it. If a carpet catches up damp then it remains for a long time and leaves a long-lasting effect on it. Monsoon enhances the probability of humidity accumulation. So, it is the time to roll the carpet away. Before keeping the carpet in your store, always clean the carpet and ensure that it is dry. Also, camphor balls should be kept inside the carpet. Otherwise fungus and bacteria may grow on it.

  11. Check the circuits and wirings
  12. Household circuits and wirings should be checked before monsoon arrives as damp always catches up electricity. It may be so dangerous that it may put your life into risk. Fix the faulty wires calling a professional electrician, as it may cause a short circuit in your house.

  13. Pay attention towards AC maintenance
  14. Air conditioner is an essential thing in monsoon as it makes you comfortable keeping away from humidity. But cleaning and maintenance of AC under rain is not an easy task. Also, heavy thunderstorms cause damage to your air conditioner.

  15. Use bamboo or cane households
  16. In monsoon, rugs and accessories made up of wood, fur and wools should be kept inside and these should be replaced with bamboo and canes. Bamboo or cane accessories are available in the market.

These tips should be immensely useful for you to keep your home safe and secure during the damp and moist season of monsoon. Keep your home rain-ready with these suggestions, so that you can simply enjoy the rain with a cup of tea and a book in hand, without having to worry about your house succumbing to the weather.

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