Importance of Landscaping for Properties

June 15th, 2018

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The value of trees can never be ascertained; it is limitless.

You would be surprised to know that Landscaping—the art of growing plants, shrubs and trees with an intention to beautify the area around, has more than one advantage. While landscaping definitely redefines your home and the area around it, it automatically enhances the property value too.

Most home owners go about landscaping to improve the appearances of their front and backyards barely realising the additional value it creates. A common perception and belief is that when it comes to selling homes all that is required is the appearance of home interior. Well, while a home and its interior are a must for enhancing the value of your property, considering the exterior will go a long way too.

Still wondering? Well, here are some stats to prove the importance of landscaping –

Many studies have shown that trees and landscaping can increase the value of property from anywhere between 5% -18% in other words a home worth 4 crore can enhance the property value by 20 lakhs to 72 lakhs!

Other studies have shown that large trees are the single most important factors when it comes to buying homes in a locality and that they significantly raise the value of the property. Of course, it goes without saying that the overall value of the property is dependent on various factors such as social and physical infrastructure, popularity of the locality, availability of ground water amongst other essential factors. Having said that, trees and landscaping add to the existing value.

Things to keep in mind while landscaping …

Large vs Small: When it comes to trees, it is a choice between large and small. It actually makes sense to go with a low maintenance landscaping – which means, you might want to go with smaller trees or even shrubs. They are easy to prune and easy to maintain. Look at it this way, the person you are selling your home to may not share your enthusiasm of landscaping. Hence, it makes sense to make it easier for the potential buyer. Even if you are not selling your home, it would be easy on you to maintain the landscaping.

Water feature adds value: Artificial fountains, tiny waterfalls and even ponds will completely change the look of your garden and home exterior. The importance of a water feature has never been more stressed in landscaping. In fact, the water feature can become a key focal point for anyone who visits your home and of course, also add great value to your property.

Mix and match: Have different species of plants, especially shrubs that have contrasting coloured flowers. Yellow or light gold flowers with black and purple berries will liven up not only your garden area but your spirits every time you take a peek.

Hardscaping elevates the scene: For a more permanent and year-round look, you can go with hardscape design elements such as – stone walls, arbors and even gazebos. You can add some ornamental grass to make the scene even more elevating. You must keep one thing in mind though – if it is beyond your budget to do all this, just let go. Also, you might need some professional help on the design aspect of hardscaping so feel free to approach a professional.

Constant maintenance: In the end, it all comes down to how well you can maintain the area. Removing the dead leaves, branches and twigs is a must to ensure your garden is neat. Regular pruning of shrubs and trees and keeping the pavements clean will provide the desired look of a well-maintained garden area. Remember, it isn’t just about creating a wonderful landscape it is also equally about consistently maintaining one that helps add to the look and to the overall value of your property.

Landscaping is an amazing thing to have in place, it just about changes the look and feel of your home. The aesthetics of your home goes up by a notch via landscaping and having trees or shrubs with a well laid out lawn brings about a feeling of calm and peace. In fact, the importance of shrubs and trees that are part of landscaping goes beyond providing physical beauty to contribute to the air quality, shade provision and noise abatement.

Landscaping can be a time-consuming activity so it bodes well for home owners to realise that there will be a substantial requirement of time, efforts and thinking involved to landscape their backyards and spaces around their homes. It is also very important to note that you might want to leave landscaping to a professional if it is not in your interest or passion to do because it does require attention and care. And if it’s your passion, then you stand to have the dual benefit of some lovely nature time and a property with an enhanced value.

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