Importance of open spaces in a residential project in urban locations

January 15th, 2020

With various innovations implemented in the field of real estate over the years, ample open space still is a crucial aspect for any residential building, especially in the urban cities. With the hustle and bustle of the modern cities leading to various environmental difficulties, a residential project with an adequate amount of open space is the need of the hour.

The importance of open spaces

With the ever-growing population and infrastructure in the urban cities, it has become imperative for developers to provide ample open spaces in their residential projects. An open space can be used for various recreational purposes like a jogger’s park, park for kids and gardens. A carefully crafted open space not only increases the aesthetic appeal of the project but also has numerous benefits to the residents’ mental and physical health. An open space used for various recreational purposes encourages the residents to perform various physical activities like jogging, morning walks and yoga that contribute to their well-being. It provides a healthy amount of ventilation to the residents, which helps them remain fresh. Kids can also use the open space for various outdoor activities, which keep them fit and have a positive impact on their growth.

A gated community with an adequate open space provides a safe and secure environment for its residents. Along with various recreational purposes, it also provides a place for its residents to socialize, thus increasing a social bond between the residents. A long day of hard work and traveling through the polluted environment due to massive amounts of traffic can take a toll on any person. An open space can be an efficient way for its residents to relax and unwind. Residential projects with a well-used open space have a higher resale value as compared to the residential apartments with no open spaces. With a majority of the urban people craving a simple country life with the perks of a metropolitan city, a residential project with a well-planned open space can be the best option.

The best residential projects with open spaces from Adarsh Group

If you’re living in a rapidly growing metropolis like Bangalore, Adarsh properties have the best projects that are catered to your every residential need. They have an assortment of projects available for people across all strata of society. “Adarsh Sanctuary”, an elite township by Adarsh Group offers a living experience unlike any other. Entwining 172 villas with every modern amenity like Gym, Multi-purpose hall, Play Park, Meditation plaza, will give you a transcendent living experience.

“Adarsh Astria” a divine residential project consisting of 39 magnificent 2 and 3 BHK homes, located in Banashankari, one of the oldest suburbs of Bangalore. It boasts of having up to 60% of open spaces that have splendid new features like a Bamboo garden and floral walk, crafted for the serene natural living experience.

“Adarsh Pinecourt”, their cream-of-the-crop residential project, incorporating regal amenities like an amphitheater, swimming pool, and convenience stores is an absolute dream comes true for every resident.

If you are on a quest to find a new home, choosing a project with a beautiful open space should be your premier choice. Finding a new home is a significant long-term investment, and that for that reason, make sure you go through various projects before choosing the perfect home. A residential project with ample open space will not only enrich your lifestyle but also be beneficial to your mental and physical well-being.

Adarsh properties are a premier choice for customers in Bangalore to choose their dream homes. Adarsh Properties is an elite environment-friendly developer that believes in living green. They provide the best residential projects with ample open spaces and amenities that will give you a healthy and magnificent living experience.

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