Important factors for a good home investment: Natural light, Ventilation, Vaastu, Amenities, Open spaces, the scope for future development and ROI etc.

February 12th, 2020

Buying A New Home? Here’s What You Need To Look For

Are you dreaming of moving into a beautiful home? Maybe you’ve set your sight on the best neighborhood in the city and found the perfect spot. But before you rush into investing in one, it’s important you look into a few things. What sets a great home apart from the good ones is the big picture.

Here are a few factors to keep in mind before buying one:

  1. Natural Lighting

Natural lighting really adds life to your home. The lighting affects the mood or “vibe” of your interiors and getting it right is the key. LED fixtures in apartments are known to provide good artificial lighting for the night and rank low on energy consumption.
Using lighter colours for the walls ensures uniform lighting throughout your room during the daytime, without getting absorbed. Warm shades for interiors like creamy white and mustard yellow enhance natural lighting. The placement of your doors and windows – it matters too.

  1. Location and Open Spaces

If you prefer commuting to work from your home often, then the location will be important. Hospitals and civic amenities like shopping centers, ATMs, and pharmacy stores should be situated close to the property. If you have kids in the family, then making sure that there are a few schools nearby helps.

  1. Amenities

Your home matters, but so do your surroundings. Living in a gated community gives you an added layer of privacy and security. You want to make sure there are CCTVs available in the property. When it comes to recreational facilities like clubhouses, lawns, indoor & outdoor sports are what breathe life into your property.
Adarsh Palm Retreat Mayberry is a good example of such a project since it has a party lawn for hosting special functions and indoor/outdoor games facilities.

  1. Vastu 

A Vastu-compliant home brings prosperity and well-being. Your first focus should be on the entrance of your home. The entrance influences positivity and happiness. Every room can bring a positive or negative effect, depending on the direction it faces. When choosing a property, you want to make sure it complies with the laws of Vastu Shastra. Thankfully, our list of projects has got you covered on that.

  1. Scope for Future Development

When you’re looking to invest in real estate, you want to note the scope for future development. Questions you should be asking yourself are:

“Are metro/railway stations currently under construction?”

“Any upcoming workplace?”
“Are there similar projects in the surrounding areas?”
“How will real-estate prices change in this area in the upcoming years?”

What we mean by this is that you should be able to predict the value of your home in the years to come. Do your research on the location you’re investing in before buying.


Now that you know what to look for, the final tip for investing in your home is trusting your gut. See how it feels to move around in the property and if it matches your philosophy and your lifestyle expectations, then go for it.

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