Some important FAQs for the first time home buyers

September 14th, 2021

Purchasing a house for the very first time seems to be a daunting task for many as this involves a wide trail of feelings and emotions. As a first time home buyer, you can feel bombarded with a lot of questions that make it very uneasy for you to find out and then finally choose the right path. There are numerous doubts & queries in your mind. Here we would answer some of the very frequent apprehensions and queries of the first time homebuyers.

FAQs by first-time homebuyers 

  1. What are the extra open-ended costs that you should take into consideration while purchasing a house? 
  2. Apart from the cost of the property and the property registration cost, there are a number of open-ended costs while buying a house. These costs include the property tax, home insurance, maintenance costs and repair expenses while purchasing a house. These expenses are to be taken into account while calculating the budget. However, these expenses largely differ from property to property. So, you require to be very firm regarding the budget for your home and never let it exceed the limit of your affordability.

  3. How crucial is location while purchasing a house? 
  4. While purchasing a property, you are required to select an area keeping in mind the area’s future development and scope that would surely witness a strong demand and appreciation of pricing. The location usually plays a crucial role while you decide to purchase or rent a house. Searching for the right convenience for the living neighborhood that is surrounded by all the necessary facilities like hospitals, schools and several other requirements that would add a lot of value to your owned home. A great neighborhood and the age of a home determine its overall value in the future.

  5. While I choose a new house, do I necessarily need a property consultant? 
  6. A property consultant normally gives you an overall or fair idea of the dream property having all the desired information for the purpose of a convenient stay at the particular property. You can preferably choose a professional agency for the best choice of a house. They can indeed suggest better choices that would bring you the desired convenience and would be able to avail all the necessary services.

  7. Is the property significantly designed in compliance with the Vastu rules? 
  8. Vastu is believed to have a very significant role in balancing nature’s elements for attaining prosperity and peace. Every house in India follows certain basic rules of Vastu. When the house is Vastu-compliant, it brings lively vibes as well as paves the right path to happiness for the residents of the house.

  9. What kind of property would I preferably purchase? 
  10. You can consider purchasing an apartment or villa depending on your requirement, number of family members and budget. Apartments generally consist of a living area with a kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom and balconies. Whereas villas generally have an open plan lounge, a spacious kitchen, bathrooms & a balcony or private terrace. No matter whichever format you choose, this should be from a reputed and dependable builder and should be at a good location with excellent connectivity.

    The above answers to the frequently asked questions would be of great help to you. For any other queries, you can write to us in the comment box below.

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