How Indian Real Estate Cope-Up With Pandemic Using Technology?

February 9th, 2021

With the rising need to deliver excellent customer experiences, the real estate sector in India, both commercial and residential segments, heavily adopts the use of technology. Before the global pandemic, the market had already forayed into online property discovery to provide those pre-eminent solutions to the customers.

On the bright side, 2020 has set the platform for a more tech-driven real estate model to enhance digital solutions to offer superior customer experiences. However, the modern real estate platforms have also offered a range of services that include apartment management solutions, digital payments and more. The new-age real estate players quickly released solutions that addressed the customers’ major concerns, such as health, safety, hygiene, and social distancing.

Facial Recognition Replaced Biometrics

Since the virus outbreak, people residing in the large residential societies started to worry about their physical contact environment and the exposure to the transmission of the virus, which is purely accidental. Biometrics which used fingerprint scanners has been identified as a risky platform. Thus, the introduction of facial recognition provided the necessary internal aids and community team in and out of private societies. Ever since then, the touchless entry has paved a new way to the system.

Health Trackers Initiated 

Most of the society management apps welcomed a new feature that integrated with Aarogya Setu to inform the users about the COVID-19 cases around them, by also offering them to track the visitors, neighbours, staffs and others who might have made contact with the COVID-containment areas.

Digital Payment System Integration

Before the pandemic, the digital payments in the real estate sectors were not fully integrated. However, this feature became highly popular for the secure conduct of the user’s transactions such as paying rent, parking fees, deposits, maintenance bills and more. Every transaction can be made possible with the help of smartphones. Almost half of the tenants paid their rent during the pandemic via online transaction, which speaks the truth. This online trend can be seen more often as well, not only in the real estate sector but also in other sectors.

Packers & Movers on the Rise
Real estate platforms across the country have already started working with their users with the right packers and movers before the global pandemic scenes. However, the packers and movers saw a tremendous surge in demand, especially after the lockdowns. Migrants like students, working professionals, needed their services to move their homes back to their hometowns. Searching for packers and movers, availability, area wise search, size of the vehicle, and others were required before availing the users’ services.

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