Why Living Near Your Workplace Is Better?

January 15th, 2021


Commuting has become a huge hassle nowadays since urban life in the city rose and the population multiplying. According to a report by office commute platform MoveInSync, Indians spend seven per cent of their day commuting to the office. As this has become a significant issue for the employees, most try to look out for residences close to their workplace. This eventually leads to lower stress levels, less traffic exposure and overcrowded transport.

After a big day at work, nobody wants to get stuck in traffic and living almost 10 minutes away from work and getting home quickly is the ultimate dream for all. Let’s check out the top five reasons why living closer to work will help you and your family in the long run.

Better Health

It is one of the main advantages of living close to your workplace. Imagine the stress levels you’d be experiencing while wasting time in heavy traffic after your big day at work. It makes you frustrated and stressed daily, which is eventually not good for your body as it leads to substance abuse, overeating, restless sleep and mood swings. Apart from that, it also can affect both your personal and professional relationships.  By living closer, you can save lots of time and be used in other positive ways such as reading, exercising, or spending quality time with your loved ones.

Save More Money

If you commute to your workplace in your own vehicle, you are spending significant amount of time and money for fueling and service related issues because of wear and tear. You can definitely use the time and money for other important things such as spending quality time with family or saving for a new home.

Quality Time with Family

The ultimate aim of working hard is to make life easy and happy for you, your family and loved ones. But, spending a day at the office and commuting will eventually leave you with less quality time to spend with your family. Having breakfast together, dropping kids at school beforehand and after work, cooking dinner with spouse, playing with kids etc helps you release your stress from the busy work schedule you had.

Increase in Productivity

Having a fresh mind with energy for work is the right ingredient for better productivity. Arriving early at work, without getting frustrated and tired can improve job performance in a great deal.. Employers usually ask new employees to stay close to the company, as maximum productivity can be achieved.

Better for Environment

If you add up the total emission your vehicle releases over the course of a year, you will come to know that the environmental impact is huge. But staying near to work, will reduce this impact and make a huge difference to the environment. Cycling or walking to your workplace could further help the environment. Imagine everyone ditching their vehicles to work and using public transport? This could create a significant change in global warming.

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