How to Make Your Small Home Look Spacious

November 23rd, 2018

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Just the right interior decorating ideas can transform a living space entirely. The size of the place does not matter if you know how to breathe life into it. Small homes are cosy and with the right decor, it can become the house of your dreams. If you have a small home, do not worry as this article will guide you exactly how to maximise space while adding to the elegance.

To start with, it is important to make a rough floor plan. As in, decide how each room and space will be used, such as where the food will be served, which will be the reading area, etc. Deciding this beforehand helps in arranging decor according to the purpose of the space. After the floor plan has been created, follow the steps below to maximise space in your small home.

1. Make the Right Colour Choice

Paint everything white. White colour has the power to provide a blank slate to the house, making the furniture and other interior elements stand out. You can also choose white furniture and decor accessories to add to the illusion of more space.


2. Use of Semi-opaque Walls

Forget the concept of walls if you have a small space to decorate. Use curtains, glass walls, sliding doors or semi-opaque fibre walls to add the illusion of continuity between two rooms. Not only is this a shift from the traditional interior decor, but it also adds more virtual space. If you can, instead of adding any kind of separation, distinguish the rooms with decor elements such as a white modern bookcase.


3. Install Retractable Furniture

The concept of retractable furniture is a boon for small homes. If you are limited on space, you should consider making more than one use for your space. As in, you can use a retractable bed which in the day, can be used as a living room. A ceiling retractable bed is a great choice since it will not take space on the wall and add much more space to your home.


4. Use the Space Under the Stairways

If you are an avid reader, you can use the space under the staircase to install a book reading nook or storage units for your things. It will be a great space efficient solution because you will not need to install separate cupboards for storage. You can experiment with what you want to be done under the stairs according to your needs.


5. Install Mirrors for Virtual Space

Using mirrors does not just add a vintage feel to the place but also brings an illusion of virtual space. Try to place the mirror on the wall opposite to the window. It will bring in much more natural light and your room will instantly start to appear larger.


The key to maximising your space is to make the most efficient use of it while keeping the decor as open as possible. Focus on elements that brighten the space and use indoor plants to spice up the look for your home sweet home.

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