Plots of plotted Development: What are They and Benefits

January 15th, 2022

In real estate, plotted developments are becoming increasingly popular. They are an efficient planning process that saves money when building homes. Plotted developments are subdivisions of land into plots or lots for sale or lease to homebuilders for new housing developments. The plots typically have the same dimensions, and there’s no land between them, but they’re usually divided by a network of roads. Homes in plotted developments offer the benefits of low maintenance, privacy, and security along with an attractive surrounding landscape. In addition, the location of a plotted development can be particularly appealing if chosen correctly.

The plots are usually smaller than those in custom-built homes, but they’re built to the same building code. Buyers can coordinate their house with their neighbor’s home or allow room for expansion. The developer is responsible for essential services such as roads and drainage systems. Plotted developments are increasing in popularity for all the right reasons:

Privacy and Security

Privacy and security are why homeowners enjoy living in plotted developments. Most homes have about an acre or two of land to themselves where they are free from any outside traffic. These developments provide the benefit of a private space to their residents, plus beautifully landscaped lawns surround them. Also, the roads in these developments are usually internal, making them safe and secure.

Low Maintenance

Each house has its large lot in a plotted development, so homeowners don’t have to worry about other people’s lawns. This allows for easy maintenance of the landscape around your property and ensures they are well maintained all around, and there are no water wastage issues because of lawn care. These developments build infrastructure like roads and water services in advance, which also reduces the burden on homeowners

Design and Innovation

Plotted developments let people have their own homes designed according to their preferences. Homeowners are allowed to participate in the design and aesthetic development of the houses. This saves time and money for the builders as there is no need to keep changing plans. Plotted developments also give landscaping professionals a chance to show off their creative skills by designing beautiful landscapes around homes.

Abundant Amenities

Plotted developments offer a lot of amenities to their residents. For example, they have access to parks and trails for recreational purposes. Public transport is also abundantly available because these developments are built near main roads and highways. They can even provide direct access to schools, colleges, entertainment venues, and hospitals, making them ideal for homebuilders.

Convenient Location

Plotted developments are commonly located near main roads and highways, making them ideal for commuters. People can live in the community while having easy access to work or school daily. The location of these communities is what makes them so popular among homebuyers as they are usually close to retail centers and other social amenities. Hence, they offer convenience to their residents.


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