Real Estate Agent or Builder – Whom to Contact

November 23rd, 2018

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Buying a property can be quite exhausting and it is essential to identify the right representative to help identify ideal locations and manage negotiations. Additionally, apart from budget considerations, housing quality is important in terms of appropriate construction materials and design, along with easy access to amenities. While a real estate agent handles properties for various builders, a builder’s sales representative is exclusively associated with a specific property. Various factors such as reliability, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility of options available influence the buyer’s preference including:



A real estate agent earns a commission from the builder which is negotiable. An important consideration is that the real estate agent is likely to be aware of the market prices of other properties in the locality, and possibly provide alternatives within the buyer’s budget. However, if buyer preference does not include a particular locality, then a builder with multiple properties could also provide suitable alternatives.

Housing Quality


A real estate agent is experienced in identifying possible structural shortcomings that are not obvious to the consumer and can guide the buyer accordingly.

However, if the builder is reputed and has received positive reviews from previous buyers, you can be assured that the quality of construction will be potentially trustworthy.

Ease of Purchase Transaction


Although a real estate agent is proficient with handling legal paperwork, the task is easily accomplished with the buyer’s personal/family lawyer.

Additionally, purchasing property directly from the builder ensures speedier transaction processes and lesser confusion caused due to the real estate agent’s involvement.

Deciding the Right Representative

It is advisable to take the help of a real estate agent and that the buyer contacts multiple real estate agents to get the best deal. If a builder is preferred, construction groups with multiple properties and a good reputation are suitable.

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