Smart Homes for Smarter Living

April 10th, 2019

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What Is a Smart Home?
A smart home often starts with you replacing everyday appliances and gadgets with connected or automated versions of the same thing – smart security systems, smart bulbs, etc.

Whether you are looking for just a few smart gadgets or a home that is significantly autonomous, investing in a connected home with cutting edge technology has several advantages.

Control and Convenience
You will be able to control everything with an app on your smartphone or a voice-controlled smart speaker. This will definitely make your life easier and save you a lot of time on a regular basis.

Smart home gadgets give you easy access to information such as security and energy consumption.

You can automate your smart home by setting up routines to manage mundane everyday tasks. For example, switching off the lights automatically when you leave your home and switching them on automatically when you enter. The idea is that the home adapts to your needs and automatically sets the scene based on what is happening.

Autonomous gadgets that operate themselves (robots) are already a reality. Some common examples are robot vacuum cleaners, robot lawn mowers, etc.

How To Get Started With a Smart Home
Today, the first step to get you started with a smart home is to choose a smart home ecosystem – Google Assistant and Nest, Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit are the most common. Once you have chosen an ecosystem, the next step is to pick a home category and find products that work with your chosen ecosystem.

Some of the popular categories in the smart homes are kitchen appliances, baby monitors, cameras, doorbells, garden lighting, networking, security systems along with speakers and thermostats, smart TVs, and smart plugs.
You may find it mind numbing to sift through all the options available. You can use the following links as a guide to the best gadgets that are compatible with the most popular ecosystems.
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Best Google-compatible Gadgets for 2019

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Best Alexa-compatible Smart Home Gadgets for 2019

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Best Apple HomeKit-compatible Smart Home Gadgets for 2019

Putting It All Together
Once you’ve started collecting pieces for your smart home, the next step is to connect them and get them all working together. To help you through this, there are many guides available online to get your smart home up and running.

Design and Planning Tips
When designing and planning your smart home, try to think of the room as a whole and even multiple rooms in conjunction to decide how your smart devices need to interact. If you have the luxury of starting from scratch, try to plan your wiring according to the placement of your smart devices as well. Getting your home connected can mean a substantial investment. Plan your home from Adarsh Group in its entirety and add on the pieces as and when it is appropriate. Start planning and designing with your villa at Adarsh Wisteria to begin living in smarter homes.

Get going and enjoy your smart home!

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