The Benefits of Investing in an Apartment with Open Spaces & Proximity to Nature

January 24th, 2020

Open Space and Nature Enhances the Standard of Living in Apartments. Add Value to Your Life by Investing in Open-Space Apartments Close to Nature.

India’s Real Estate sector has seen massive growth in the past few decades. With the increase in disposable incomes, prospective property owners seek better and improved amenities to add value to their investment. When it comes to residential projects, having a strategic location that is close to Nature and with open spaces are highly in demand.

Why is it so? Let’s explore.

Importance of Open Space and Nature 

Open space is defined as a part of the land or water body that is either created or integrated with a residential area, to leave it uncovered by construction intentionally. This open space includes tree-lined pathways, manmade ponds, landscaped gardens, swimming pools, kids’ playing areas and more.

The National Building Code of India stresses the inclusion of green belt and landscaping. As per the guidelines, developers are expected to allocate 10% of the total land area of a residential project for Open Space Reserves (OSR). However, a number of projects are unable to adhere to these guidelines due to space constraints.

Open space residential projects located in congested cities act as an oasis of comfort and calm. They open gateways for the residents to indulge in sporting activities or enjoy nature in all its glory. Natural settings and open spaces offer a much-needed breath of fresh air quite literally and figuratively. Living harmoniously with nature not only adds recreational value but also makes people feel happy, energetic and alive.

Children who grow up in such spaces are healthier, more agile, and perform better academically. Nature and open spaces fuel their imagination and enhance their ability to have fun. In a nutshell, natural open spaces positively impact not only our (and our family’s) physical health but also our emotional and mental health.

Adarsh Pinecourt: The Perfect Place You Can Call Home 

The Adarsh Group has put the modern-day home owner’s requirements first in its Pinecourt residential project. With world-class amenities like health club, jogging and bicycle track, children’s play area, elder’s zone, amphitheater, and swimming pool, the project makes optimum use of the sprawling open space.

The lush greenery and open spaces will add value to your lifestyle and make every day appear like a vacation from the monotony of life. And while you are cut-off from the fast-paced city life, you are still well-connected with every convenience possible! Adarsh Pinecourt offers the perfect blend of modern with old-school.

All houses conform to the layout and designs that promote community living. There are designated areas for toddlers, teenagers and the elderly. The Central Garden and the Amphitheater tie up the entire neighborhood together and bring people closer. You will no longer feel that you live amongst neighbors; you will be living amongst friends.

With Adarsh Pinecourt, you get a home nestled in the open spaces of Mother Nature’s lap! Living luxuriously does not mean that you have to give up your connection with nature. Adarsh Pinecourt the perfect balance of open space and nature with modern amenities and comforts. Come find a slice of paradise just off Hennur Road

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