This Diwali Decorate Your Home The Eco-Friendly Way

October 25th, 2019

This Diwali Decorate Your Home The Eco-Friendly Way

Diwali is all about decorating the house, lights, and celebration. Make your home Diwali ready with these eco-friendly ideas. Welcome the goddess of wealth with colour, lights, and greenery this festive season.

It is that time of the year when festivities abound, excitement is in the air, sweets exchange hands, and everyone is looking forward to being together with their families. The festival of Diwali is not just about bursting crackers, wearing new clothes, and buying gold. It also signifies the end of old habits and the promise of something new.

According to Hindu folklore, goddess Lakshmi travels to earth on the night of Diwali and enters only those houses which are lit and clean. In the hope that goddess Lakshmi showers them with blessings, families make an effort to decorate their houses and ensure that they are kept lit throughout the night during Diwali.

This year, let us decorate our house in an eco-friendly way, which will not only make our house sparkle but also help the environment.

Declutter and Giveaway
Try and declutter your wardrobe, kitchen, and bookshelves. Giving away clothes and books to someone who needs them more than you will surely make theirs a happy Diwali too. Also, it is only after you make space in the wardrobe that you can fit new clothes in them.

DIY Upholstery and Decorations
Diwali is the best time to revamp your home and get new upholstery. But, before you order those beautiful silk cushion covers online, check out your mom’s old yet beautiful brocade saree. Won’t it make for some stunning covers? Use old clothes and turn them into statement pieces which will get you compliments galore. Also, instead of buying fancy candles, turn your old teacups and glass bottles into crafty diyas and lamps. Get your creativity rolling.

Your Mini Garden in the House
Nothing speaks fresh and beautiful than flowers and plants. Turn your balcony into a nature retreat and adorn your living room with potted plants. It is observed that plants and flowers keep the house clean and smelling fresh. This Diwali, go green and get a bit of nature inside your home.

Light It Up
Decorate your balcony, terrace, and doors with diyas, paper lamps, and candles this year. String lights look beautiful but they consume a lot of electricity. Let some remote village home light up this Diwali when you choose to go eco-friendly.

Let us make Diwali about celebrating and enjoying rather than splurging and polluting. It is a festival of light and should be welcomed with a bright smile on your face and sparkle in your eyes. Decorate your home and bring in the festivities with your loved ones this Diwali.

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