Top Home Design Trends for 2018

January 25th, 2018

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As the New Year begins with a bang, expectations and dreams unfold for home owners who wish to rejuvenate their lives and their homes. Variety is what makes life interesting and colourful, and variety in home décor trends is what keeps homes liven up and remain attractive.

As far as home designs and decor is concerned, we have come with the most popular trends ranging from colour patterns to wall decor to drawing room settings that may very well be part of your homes for the year. Let’s observe some of these trends –

Vibrant Walls: Plain coloured and empty-looking walls have been on for a while now and it’s time for some change. Walls that speak out subtly are the trend for the new year. As far as colours are concerned you could go with neutral colours such as white or grey and add wall decor such as photos or fine art. Make sure the wall decor is brighter and vibrant so it does not submerge into the wall spaces but rather project out a vibrant décor style.

If earthy colours such as yellow, light brown, burnt maroon are your preferred choice for walls then ensure that the paintings on the wall stand in contrast to these colours -say, a golden framed bright coloured painting on a burnt maroon background. Removable wall art is perhaps the best option to decorate your walls with.

Feel Natural at home: Nothing beats what good old Mother Nature provides. So this year, you could make it even more special by inviting nature into your homes in a more comprehensive manner. Potted plants bring in that fresh hue and liven up your living rooms. Ensure you have small potted plants in your living room and workplace area (of your home) to give you that fresh lease of life while at home.

Dark vibrant coloured flowers (Purple, Violet and Red) on vases against a more neutral wall colour will add that pleasant and yet subtly sharp look to your home. Flowers are an eternal favourite for home owners across the world—they always give us a reason to smile and brighten up.

Subtle and salient flooring: Preferred flooring can be granite but feel free to go with marble or tiles even (as per your budget). Subtle but noticeable coloured floors bring that additional vibrancy to the back drop of similar coloured walls.

Wooden flooring is hard to ignore and stands the test of time, you could go with Parquet wood flooring where wood pieces are arranged in a geometric pattern or basic wooden flooring but with wider planks. This year, Porcelain textured tiles make their debut. These tiles are designed to resemble other materials not just in looks but even in texture. Porcelain tiles also come in a natural stoned look if that is your preference.

Kitchens—colourful and cooking: All-white kitchens are definitely out as a trend for this year. This year, Kitchens will get brighter and have white replaced by warmer wood colour tones and neutral tones such as grey, cream and light blue.

Furniture: Wooden furniture is evergreen and this year too, it will be the top trend. Couches will get curvy this year, while storage wooden cabinets are making a comeback as they set to decorate not only the bedrooms but the living rooms and empty spaces as well.

Year of Wabi-sabi: A Japanese concept of ‘’imperfect and incomplete’’ that leads to aesthetics and beauty, Wabi-sabi is in trend for a while now. You could fill your home with handmade pottery, art, paintings or even furniture that are not exactly ‘’perfect’’ but do add that value to your rooms. An unpolished wooden tea table with a handmade clay vase will definitely bring in that ‘’imperfection is beauty’’ message across and will add value to your existing decor.

Velvet all the way: When it comes to furnishings and bedroom decor, velvet is the colour for 2018. Velvet furnishings not only provide that rich, chic look and feel, they are also very pleasant to your eyes. Moreover, velvet is one of those few evergreen colours when it comes to bedroom decors and sheets. And yes, Velvet also brings that much desired luxurious look to your home and furnishings.

Earthen metal hues: Gold is slowly out and copper is in. This year we will see more of copper and related earthen metal accents in homes. Adding these metal hues to furniture, flower vases and even bathroom fittings will add that much needed fresh breath to home interiors.

All about warmth: When it comes to the overall look of your living room or bed room, they should look warm and cozy. Use warm colours such as light shades of yellow, orange and red over your furniture and for decors such as curtains and wall layers. Add some pottery, paintings and wooden artefacts to complete the look, a natural coloured wooden tea table with greyish white flower vase will be an icing on the cake!

Home decor is an integral part of our home and keeping abreast with the latest trends helps us not only liven up our living spaces but also enjoy a fresher breath of new colours, designs and patterns inside the home. So, go ahead and make those subtle changes and add more life to your dream homes.

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