Unwind Chaos & Exude Serenity With Your Family

February 6th, 2021

Possessing one’s own home is a dream of every Indian. It is perhaps the most important as well as an arduous journey of life. If you buy your dream home that suits well in your budget, you feel like you just covered another achievement milestone. While selecting for home, you ought to give more importance to the location, amenities, neighbourhood, and lastly, security. If you are still hunting for the right place, this is the time to give up and make the right decision of your life by choosing a home from Adarsh Tranqville. It paves a way to explore the unexplored paradise scenes, world-class features, and amenities offered by Adarsh Tranqville.

Located just off the Hennur-Bagalur road, Adarsh Tranqville project by Adarsh Group is the perfect way to indulge in the peacefulness and harmony of nature. Adarsh Tranqville is spread across 14 acres of healthy and natural lush greenery that hosts 106 villas all together. Offering a massive space to perfection and dedication, we provide the best recreational areas for children and adults to explore alike. This will be your only chance to feel the righteousness of living space amidst the natural landscapes and goodness of nature.

A Home Straight From Your Dreams

Why do you prefer a villa rather than apartment living? The reason is simple; the level of flexibility, freedom, and amenities you can acquire from independent living is different, so most of the families prefer villas than apartments. Our Adarsh Tranqville project is situated right in North Bangalore, paving the way to pamper and feel nature’s freshness. It is a step away from the bustling city’s chaos and step into the tranquillity of nature.

At Adarsh Tranqville, we proffer a gated community with extreme security, which again paves the way for mingling with other families and increasing the intimacy between them. It is indeed a home straight from your dream as we design it with world-class amenities and structures that any family is sure to fall in love with. Offering a life you always wanted to live, each villa remarkably designed with plush and luxurious gardens. Each villa combines 46 ft. backyards, ideal living, and dining spaces that leave room for natural beauty and greenery.

Heighten your Sense of Luxury Lifestyle

Buying your dream property takes lots and tons of efforts, planning, thinking, before taking any further actions. When you invest in a perfect house, you make sure to buy the right one with all the amenities and the one that you should regret in further life. Integrated lifestyle is one of the most significant advantages of gated communities, and we provide several amenities where you can take a break from a busy professional life.

From Gym, Swimming Pool, Kids Pool, to Badminton halls, Spa, Health Clubs, to various other indoor sports and games, Adarsh Tranqville is the accurate illustration for ‘how living the charm of luxury lifestyle’ looks like. One of the significant advantages of living in a gated community with high security is nothing but you don’t have to fear any strangers and traffic disturbing you throughout your stay, unlike apartment life.

In short, Adarsh Tranqville is the precise villa you must invest as the money you invest will be worth it. It is a door to experience the bewitching beauty and calmness of nature by living your life in luxury.

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