Why the Villa House for Sale in Hennur is the Perfect Location for Your Dream Home.

April 24th, 2023

If you’re on the hunt for a premium and serene home in Bangalore, you’re in the right place. Many homebuyers are looking for villas that offer a touch of natural beauty and a whole lot of comfort. But with the city’s bustling population and growing economy, it’s important to invest in a secure and peaceful residential area. That’s where Adarsh Tranqville steps in – their new residential villa projects in Hennur Road provide the perfect opportunity to invest in a premium home. 

And for those looking for a house for sale in Hennur, these villas offer a unique blend of modern amenities and a serene living experience. 

Keep reading to find out more about this picturesque corner of North Bangalore and why now is the ideal time to invest in this locality. 

Well-secured Gated Locality with Full-Proof Surveillance 

Adarsh Tranqville is a gated community in Hennur Road Bangalore that embodies safety, luxury, and privacy. It’s a neighbourhood designed for those who want to live in a secure and peaceful environment, away from the chaos of the city. 

With 24-hour protection and surveillance, you can be assured that your possessions and family are always safe. But that’s not all; the house for sale in Hennur Road Bangalore offers much more than safety.

Experience the calmness of mind that comes with our top-notch security measures. With our vigilant security team at both entry and exit points, you can rest assured that no unauthorised individuals will enter the community. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of hawkers and vendors entering your premises. Furthermore, our advanced guest entry system ensures you are always informed before guests are allowed entry, preserving your privacy and security.

Great Connectivity – Situated at the Centre of Social Infrastructure 

Adarsh Tranqville’s house for sale in Hennur is located in the middle of what is now called “New Airport Road,” which used to be called “Hennur Main Road.” It is known for being the same distance from the Outer Ring Road, Manyata Tech Park, Jakkur Main Road, Kogilu Road, MG Road, and many other important places in North Bangalore. 

Also, the following are close to the villas of Adarsh Tranqville: 

  • IT hubs include Manyata Tech Park
  • Elemental Mall 
  • City Railway Station
  • Aster CMI Hospitals 
  • Airport
  • Decathlon Sports Hub 
  • Delhi Public School
  • Kirloskar Business Park, and so on. 

Homes come in a Variety of Dimensions, so there’s Something for Everyone. 

Adarsh Developers team makes sure that you can choose the type of property that works best for you. There are many different houses to choose from at Adarsh Tranqville. The villas in Adarsh Tranqville come in different sizes. The housing projects in Hennur have 4 BHK houses that can be set up in different ways to meet the needs of all residents.

Here are the sizes of the Adarsh Tranqville villas: 

East Facing Villa Built-up Area 4337 Sq. Ft.

Site Area 3445 Sq. Ft.

South Facing Villa Built-up Area 4443 Sq. Ft.

Site Area 3445 Sq. Ft.

West Facing Villa Built-up Area 4335 Sq. Ft.

Site Area 3424 Sq. Ft.

North Facing Villa Built-up Area 4335 Sq. Ft.

Site Area 3445 Sq. Ft.

Semi-Detached East-Facing Villa Built-up Area 3172 Sq. Ft.

Site Area 2600 Sq. Ft.

Basement West Facing Ground Floor Villa Built-up Area 4856 Sq. Ft.

Site Area 3445 Sq. Ft.

Complete Privacy with Picturesque Beauty of Nature 

Adarsh Tranqville provides villas/ homes in different dimensions in a separate setting that ensure complete privacy to all home dwellers. So your private life stays private. So you can relax without being bothered, which you can’t do in a shared apartment. 

The Builders and architects of Adarsh put a lot of thought into the look of the villas and the area around them. As a result, they are built in large, spread-out places that often have beautiful views and landscapes. The room around the house for sale in Hennur Road Bangalore gives them a luxurious feel and helps the mind and body relax. The calm setting is also good for mental health, and people can enjoy their free time while feeling a fresh breeze.

Best For High Returns on Villa Investments 

With the increasing demand for private villa rentals, owning a villa can be a highly profitable investment for buyers and investors. By renting out the villa, owners can enjoy a simple and reliable source of income, as tenants are always looking for available villas to rent. Moreover, tenants are willing to pay a premium for a villa’s lavish atmosphere and amenities, resulting in a higher return on investment than other flats. Take advantage of the opportunity to turn your villa into a lucrative investment.


Adarsh Tranqville offers the ultimate combination of intelligent design, stunning aesthetics, and unparalleled luxury, making it the ideal place to call home. The 4 BHK villas on Hennur Road offer a secure, lavish living experience with well-planned architecture and seamless connectivity. 

If you’re interested in this luxury project, don’t hesitate to contact us at +91 63 6492 1355 or send an email to sales@adarshdevelopers.com  for more information.

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