Why investing in apartments in Hebbal is the right decision

October 3rd, 2023

Discerning the optimal avenue can be a formidable undertaking in the dynamic realm of real estate investment. With a profusion of choices vying for attention, the imperative lies in astutely curated selections that proffer fortified security and exponential potential for growth. If you find yourself musing over the reasonable allocation of your financial resources, rest assured, for you have arrived at the veritable epicenter of discerning counsel. Hebbal, the shining gem within the tapestry of Bangalore’s premium residential neighborhoods, extends a proposition that is nothing short of captivating to the prudent real estate investor.

Amidst this diverse panorama of opportunities, a singular name stands as a beacon of distinction – Adarsh Crest, meticulously crafted by the eminent Adarsh Developers. In the forthcoming discourse, let’s explore on an exploratory journey elucidating the myriad rationales underpinning the wisdom of investing in apartments located within the Hebbal precinct, emphasizing the exquisite offering that is Adarsh Crest. 

Located in the heart of Hebbal, Adarsh Crest’s 3 BHK apartments in Hebbal are thoughtfully constructed to meet your every need. These high-end apartments in Hebbal provide the best of everything. Our odyssey is poised to unravel the manifold facets of this investment endeavor, elucidating the compelling motives that render it an emblem of sagacity in real estate investment, promising both financial resilience and an unparalleled residential experience. 

Adarsh Crest Apartments and Its Resilient Framework

Construction and Walls:

Adarsh Crest apartments embody a robust structural framework, with its RCC-framed buildings meticulously designed to withstand seismic zone II conditions. The walls, constructed with concrete blocks, assure both durability and resilience. Internally, walls have been treated with smooth plaster, while an elegant sponge finish graces the exterior, adding to the aesthetic appeal.


Expect nothing short of excellence in the flooring department. Vitrified tiles adorn the living, dining, bedrooms, and kitchen areas, providing an air of sophistication. Bathrooms, balconies, and utility areas boast ceramic tiles combining style and functionality. The Ground Floor lift lobby is adorned with exquisite granite flooring, while the lift lobbies on all levels feature premium vitrified tiles. Staircases are adorned with pre-polished concrete step tiles.

Bathroom Features:

Adarsh Crest apartments pamper you with well-appointed bathrooms that include good quality ceramic tile dado up to a height of 7 feet. Each bathroom features an EWC (European Water Closet) and a health faucet. The wash basin has an elegant granite countertop and a mirror, while a toughened glass shower partition with an openable shutter enhances your bathing experience. The showers feature a single-lever mixer with a shower rail and a hand shower, while the washbasins are equipped with a single-lever mixer. Provisions for geysers and exhaust fans are thoughtfully incorporated.

Door Structure:

The doors within Adarsh Crest are constructed with precision, featuring engineered door frames and molded skin panel shutters. The balcony and bedroom doors are crafted from UPVC and equipped with mosquito mesh. Additionally, sliding UPVC windows with mosquito mesh and MS grills (accessible from the inside) are installed on the ground and first floors.

Kitchen Framework:

In the heart of every home, the kitchen boasts a granite platform with a stainless steel sink and drainboard, complemented by a sink mixer. Enamel painting graces the MS grill/railings, while the interiors exude elegance with plastic emulsion paint, and the exteriors are treated to an acrylic emulsion paint.

Electrical Features:

Safety and convenience are paramount in the electrical framework. Each flat has two Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers (ELCB) and TV, telephone, networking, and electrical AC ports in each bedroom and common area. Power load allocation is generous, with 3BHK units 6KW. A 50% diversity factor is implemented in the power backup. Ceiling fan points are thoughtfully positioned in the living/dining area and all bedrooms. 

Tailored Arrangements for Your Requirements at Adarsh Crest

Adarsh Crest offers a versatile range of exquisitely designed apartments from a generous super built-up area of 1950 Sq. Ft. to a sprawling 2054 Sq. Ft. These spaciously appointed living spaces are meticulously crafted to cater to your desires for ample room to roam and an elegant lifestyle, ensuring that your every need for space and comfort is effortlessly met. 

Meet the Urban Tranquility with Adarsh Developers 

Adarsh Crest by Adarsh Developers graces a discreet and idyllic enclave, safeguarding its residents from the bustling rhythms of urban existence. The soaring architectural masterpieces of Adarsh Crest seamlessly integrate avant-garde design with the embrace of nature’s tranquility, harmoniously complemented by a plethora of pragmatic amenities. This residence assures an unsurpassed echelon of comfort, forging an environment so captivating that once you immerse yourself within its confines, the mere contemplation of departure becomes inconceivable.

Bid farewell to the clamor of the city and welcome the ease of connectivity into your life. Situated a brief sojourn away from North Bangalore’s eminent tech parks, distinguished educational institutions, and esteemed healthcare facilities, Adarsh Crest positions you at the epicenter of life’s manifold prospects. Immerse yourself in the panorama of urban living at its zenith, with boundless vistas encompassing the Hebbal Lake, Nagavara Lake, Lumbini Gardens, and the splendid skyline of the sprawling Bangalore metropolis. Here, you shall relish the epitome of urban convenience, meticulously orchestrated for your discerning preferences.

Know more about the apartments by contacting us at 916364921355 or writing to us at sales@adarshdevelopers.com

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