Why IT Professionals Looking to Buy a home should consider this Bengaluru location

January 2nd, 2024

Bangalore, known as the IT capital of India, is consistently experiencing a surge in its IT sector. This has attracted individuals from various locations who flock to the city in pursuit of their ideal home and a flourishing career. The escalating demand for accommodation has led to parallel growth in Bangalore’s real estate sector. Since its inception in the city, real estate has shown consistent expansion, with people either purchasing properties for permanent residence or opting for rental arrangements. Many individuals invest in properties for immediate living and as a prospective long-term asset. The city offers many residential apartments for sale to cater to this high demand. The prevailing advice leans towards property ownership when deciding whether to buy flats in Hebbal

On that note, Adarsh Crest resides in a tranquil and secluded neighborhood- Hebbal Kempapura. The towering structures of Adarsh Crest seamlessly blend avant-garde design, natural surroundings, and practical amenities, creating a rare and exceptional living experience. This residence ensures unparalleled comfort, making it highly likely that once you settle in, leaving will be the last thing on your mind.

So, if you are looking to buy flats in Hebbal, you can definitely go for Adarsh Crest by Adarsh Developers.  

Why is Hebbal the best location for IT professionals?

Future Returns:

Investing in various properties in Hebbal, such as villas, apartments, or villa plots, ensures future returns. Whether it is a residence or an investment property, buying now will likely yield higher returns. Properties can be converted into revenue-generating assets or used as retreats. Selling the property also promises appreciable returns due to the upward trajectory of property prices.

Growing Market:

The real estate market in this location is thriving, driven by ongoing and increasing residential projects. The city’s real estate growth is intricately linked to the expanding IT sector, with a constant influx of IT companies. Consequently, investing in property now is considered a prudent decision, potentially serving as a financial safeguard in the future.

Community Living:

Bangalore’s cosmopolitan nature provides a multicultural environment, especially in residential communities like apartments or villas. Buying a house in Hebbal facilitates networking with a diverse crowd, many of whom have moved to the city for employment in major MNCs and IT parks. This interconnectedness can prove beneficial both personally and professionally.

Steady Appreciation:

To accommodate Bangalore’s growing population, real estate companies are continually developing various housing options, leading to consistent appreciation in land values and apartment rates. Buying a property now in the Hebbal area can translate into a profitable sale or rental venture in the future, as property values tend to appreciate annually.

Price Advantage:

Compared to other locations in Bangalore, Hebbal offers more affordable residential properties. The city’s status as the IT capital contributes to high land appreciation, ensuring a promising future investment.

Quality Living:

Ongoing residential projects in the city promise a quality living experience. These properties are strategically located near essential amenities such as schools, offices, shopping malls, airports, and metro stations, ensuring convenience for residents.

Resort-Like Living:

Many villas in various parts of the city provide a resort-like living experience with a pleasant atmosphere. Whether it’s an apartment, villa, or independent house, the investment guarantees a stylish retirement home with an exuberant ambiance.

Safe & Secure:

Safety is a top priority for homebuyers, especially those with families. Villas in specific regions of Bangalore, such as Hebbal, come with gated communities, ensuring safety and privacy. Reputed builders emphasize structural integrity, providing round-the-clock security to instill a sense of safety among residents.

World-Class Amenities:

Residential projects by renowned builders in this location, recognizing the diverse population, often offer top-notch amenities. These properties, including villas and apartments, boast world-class features such as reading rooms, clubhouses, swimming pools, parks, jogging tracks, and gyms, enhancing the overall living experience.

Explore Adarsh Crest’s Spacious Apartments

Choose from a diverse selection of thoughtfully designed flats for sale in Hebbal Kempapura, ranging from a generous super built-up area of 1950 Sq. Ft. to an expansive 2054 Sq. Ft. These meticulously crafted living spaces offer spacious layouts that fulfill your desire for ample room to move and embrace an elegant lifestyle. Rest assured that every need for space and comfort will be effortlessly addressed in these well-appointed residences.


Escape the city clamor and embrace enhanced connectivity in your daily life. Nestled just a short distance from North Bangalore’s prominent tech parks, renowned educational institutions, and prestigious healthcare facilities, Adarsh Crest places you at the heart of various opportunities. Immerse yourself in the panoramic urban lifestyle, offering expansive views of Hebbal Lake, Nagavara Lake, Lumbini Gardens, and the impressive skyline of Bangalore. Here, you’ll savor the epitome of urban convenience, meticulously designed to cater to your discerning preferences.

For further information about these flats for sale in Hebbal Kempapura, please get in touch with us at +91 63 6492 1355 or sales@adarshdevelopers.com.


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