Adarsh Premia Has Everything You Need Within the Vicinity

March 8th, 2021

The prime factor that needs zero compromise while choosing a property would be its location. The condition, the price, the size everything can be changed, but not the location of the house. This makes location vital when investing in real estate.

A good location signifies different things to different people. Adarsh Group carefully considers a multitude of factors while choosing the location to build residential properties. They understand the needs and preferences of the home buyers.

Why Does Vicinity Matter?

When your complete focus revolves around economic reasons during the initial phase of finding your dream home, you deliberately ignore the comfort and zeal that lies in having everything around. There is a lot of push and pull, and the realisation factor pops up when the actual situation is being faced. The benefits of living in an area that has pretty much everything around the premises adds up to a positive and convenient lifestyle.

If we look at life in Bengaluru closely, every hour is a rush hour. The lack of time to reach your destinations due to the ‘predictable’ constant traffic congestion is something that drives demotivation. Half the frustration that accumulates in your life is due to the imbalance and lack of time. Focus deviates and tension builds, affecting you, and inadvertently your family too.

Adarsh Group understands the psychology of a happy home. Imagine having your child’s school, your office, hospital, bank, college, shopping mall, supermarket, all just a few minutes away from home. When you have everything nearby, nothing holds you back as the distance factor is eliminated here.

Adarsh Premia at the Prime Location 

Adarsh Premia is located at the second stage of Banashankari with the finest amenities, ample open spaces and beautiful landscape designs. You are never too far away from anywhere when you are at the soul of South Bengaluru.

Seven educational institutions, three malls, four hospitals, six tech parks, Banashankari metro station – all of these surround you, when you are at Adarsh Premia. As you enter the gates of the apartment complex, you see a different world out there.

You find serenity amidst nature within the heart of the city at Adarsh Premia.

Everything You Need, Is All Right Here

Adarsh Group’s residential properties are built with the vision of providing comfort, accessibility and luxury to the home owners. Staying fit and staying healthy remains uncompromised. A leisure swim, daily workout sessions, regular yoga, health clubs are all within Adarsh Premia’s premises. When you have everything around you that is needed on a daily basis, life seems to be smooth, and positivity radiates within you.

If you are someone who likes to read or if you want your children to be friends with books, explore the world of ideas and let the voracious reader in you bloom inside the serene corners of the library at Adarsh Premia. Well, books and indoor activities are not sufficient enough for your physical and emotional well-being. A walk through the beautiful zen garden or hitting the jogging trail is so refreshing.

Rejuvenate your mind along with the body amidst nature within the chaos of city life, possible? Adarsh Premia has a meditation pavilion to tranquil your minds. Old hobbies and passion should never rust. The myriad of outdoor activities are a few steps away from your corridors.

There’s nothing to hold you back from anything you wish to accomplish as there are not many red lights to cross. Plenty of time awaits to spend with your loved ones at your spacious and lush homes at Adarsh Premia.

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