Advantages of living in an Adarsh Palm Retreat Villa

December 10th, 2018

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Imagine a life closed from the pandemonium of everyday hassle. A haven that protects you from the noise of an overwhelming urban jungle while providing you the luxury and comfort of a relaxed living in the cocoon of silent bliss.

Adarsh Palm Retreat Villas more than compliments your craving for a luxurious residence that you can call your home. Located on Marathahalli Outer Ring Road in Bengaluru, its rich landscape of over 110 acres, houses a humongous gated community of over 800 red-roofed Victorian villas.

If you are still not impressed, the modern amenities the township hosts like are to die for. Just to emphasise why villas are a perfect choice for your home, we have provided a list of reasons that will definitely make you want to invest in a luxury villa of your own today.

The Aesthetic
Adarsh Palm Retreat Villa
The villas of Adarsh Palm Retreat are a sight to behold. Their Victorian look already serves as an eye candy but it’s the state of the art infrastructure that truly makes the villa come to life. The structure is built of 8 inch thick cement blocks for load bearing walls and 4 inches thick for all the other walls. The internal walls have a smooth plaster finish with the external walls having a Tyrolean finish.
The doors have a shutter design and are framed with good quality teak. The luxury villas contain toilets with ceramic glazed tiles, health faucets, and washbasin with granite counter-tops.

Indoor and Outdoor play areas
Adarsh Palm Retreat Villa3
Apart from luxury villas, the township has an expansive clubhouse that spans a whopping 80,000 sq.ft. This amazing feat makes it possible for the township to provide its members, an array of high-octane indoor and outdoor games to both, stay fit and kill time. These include badminton courts, squash courts, tennis courts, swimming pools, a billiards table, and a fully equipped gym.

It is not just sports that keeps the communities engaged. The township also has libraries with some of the finest collection of books, restaurants in case you don’t want to cook and would like to try a different cuisine, and a theatre that plays movies to satisfy all the film geeks.

Banquet Hall
Adarsh Palm Retreat hits the home run with this amenity, an exclusive banquet hall inside the township. Residents can use the hall for various occasions closer to their hearts amidst their luxury villas in Marathahalli. Birthdays, Anniversaries or a Wedding Ceremony, the banquet hall serves all festive purposes.

Daily Life Convenience
Even though the township provides respite to its residents from the chaotic life of the outside world. It doesn’t do so at the expense of convenience. The township has close access to public transportation like buses, it is also in proximity with some of the best schools in Bengaluru, IT parks and offices, medical clinics and hospitals, and other modern necessities like supermarkets and restaurants.

Final Note
Everyone dreams of owning a lavish house of their own. Adarsh Palm Retreat helps you realize that dream and bring value to your hard earned money. It is definitely a retreat from conventional flats situated at the heart of the city. So, now that you know the benefits of owning an Adarsh Palm Retreat Villa, it’s time to make a decision.

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