Add a touch of “Vintage” to your home

November 23rd, 2018

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The word ‘vintage’ itself has a very rustic touch to it. In a rough sense, it denotes something from the past, such as an epoch that represents an artist’s best work.

The popularity of vintage in terms of interior design is as much pertaining to its aesthetic sense as it is to the timelessness. It is sophisticated with a harmonious ring of nostalgia and can give your space a beautiful vibe. If you are a new homeowner wondering about rustic interior design ideas to bring the vintage feel to your home, take a look at a few brilliant ideas curated by our team at Adarsh group to actually create the popular “New-Old” house look.

Starting With a Plan

Let’s admit it! Bringing the vintage look to a living space is not as easy as it sounds. Therefore, it is recommended to start with a plan and then introduce the decor elements. It is a wise step to choose an inconsistent style so as to give the impression that they may have been added over a long period. This will be unique to each homeowner as they can have completely different tastes in the vintage elements they want to add to their dream home. However, the point is that the plan should be clear and defined. Be careful not to go overboard as well. A little too much authenticity can actually tip the balance to make the house seem old as opposed to seeming tastefully decorated. Be in tune with the times as well to get the right accompaniments to the acquired antiquities. For example, the right fabrics, cutlery, paint palette etc. are crucial to add sophistication to your vintage style.

The most common techniques to execute this style plan for your home design are: utilizing a curated selection of woodwork instead of drywall, heart pine flooring, earthy colour tones, authentic lighting options such as refurbished antiques, electric gas lighting etc. as well as other details such as glass door knobs and pull down chandeliers.

Vintage Must-Haves
Antique Clocks


No vintage home is complete until a beautiful antique clock adorns its walls. Be it a classic brick wall or wooden panelling, this element will instantly add a retro feel. As versatile as it is in its capacity to add a whimsical note to any given room, the most suitable location for the clock would be the living room space.

Classic Typewriter

A classic typewriter in the corner side table can add a timeless feel to the aura of the home. That particular corner can be converted to seem like it belongs to a bygone era while the world around it has advanced.

Wooden Swing


If you have a spacious living room, you can add a beautiful wooden swing sofa to retain an element of tradition that adds to the nostalgic vibe. A perfect example of an element that is beautiful to behold but is purposeful as well.

Distressed Wooden/Metal Photo Frames


Another classic element that can highlight the vintage vibe is the distressed wooden/metal photo frames or mirror frames. Their look will attain its true glory if they belong on a wall having wooden panelling.

So, what are you waiting for? You now know exactly how to give your home a vintage look. Go for these timeless picks and decorate your dream home in the “New-Old” style.

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