Hennur Is Where You Should Have a Landscaped Villa

March 15th, 2019

Are you looking for an independent house for sale in Bangalore North? The villas in Hennur Road will lure you with their aesthetics and design like no other. What’s more? If you have been dreaming of well-landscaped exteriors then a house for sale in Hennur will provide you with all possible opportunities to design your space just as you wish. Here, we help you take a closer look at the principles of landscaping to figure out what to start with.
house for sale in Hennur

Landscape Your Garden the Right Way
Most villas for sale in Hennur Road, Bangalore have open spaces that can be landscaped with the courtesy of different style options. They promise to exhibit your passion for gardening fitfully. The undermentioned principles of landscaping design will go a long way in creating a visually pleasing landscape for your villa. These principles have been the favourite of landscape artists across centuries:

1. Balance
The most comforting landscapes are the ones that depict a sense of balance. Formal landscapes usually possess two kinds of balance, symmetrical and asymmetrical. The former relates to a well-balanced landscape wherein the two sides of a garden present an exact mirror image of each other.
In case you are opting for a symmetrical landscape, you may want to use geometric patterns while creating walkways, pruning the plants in your garden, or planting the flower beds. On the other hand, asymmetrically balanced gardens aren’t as stiff in appearance and require little maintenance. Free-flowing and relaxed in appearance, they allow you to give full vent to your creativity as you design a new house in Bangalore north.

2. Focalisation
All good designs possess a focal point that attracts the viewer’s eye at the very onset. Serving as the strongest element of design in landscaping, the focal point can have an artistic and bright touch, well-conceived architectural design or a mix of sculptures and art forms flaunted by greens or flowers. It is important to give a free hand to yourself as you concentrate on this aspect of landscaping so that you can add a signature touch to your abode.

3. Simplicity
Keep your landscaping design as simple as possible; avoid any fussy additions or clutter to bring out the best in your garden. However, this does not mean that you shy away from complex water features, architectural designs, or extensive lighting features. Simplicity in design relates to the avoidance of many colours, textures, shapes, curves, etc. with an aim of preventing onlookers from getting confused.

4. Rhythm
Try to bring in the element of rhythm in your villa at Adarsh Wisteria at Hennur to complement its classic, exquisitely designed architecture. Rhythm in landscaping relates to the repetition of a certain design at intervals. For instance, you may want to add groups of plants, plants, benches, architectural structures or lamp posts to establish this rhythm.

Last Word
Allow your creative juices to flow as you landscape your new address at Adarsh Wisteria. Landscape your garden well to make an ideal combination of old-world charm and modernistic touch to feel at home, always!

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