King-size Premium Plots For Sale in Bangalore North with Sustainability Features

September 20th, 2023

Experience the magic of waking up in your dream home, nestled within expansive king-size premium plots, while positively impacting our sustainable future. Picture yourself in this serene setting in the North Bangalore area where Adarsh Savana serves the purpose. 

Introducing Adarsh Savana king-size premium plots for sale in Bangalore North, where opulence meets sustainability, and luxury living takes on a whole new meaning. These meticulously planned plots are situated amidst the thriving landscape of North Bangalore and boast cutting-edge eco-friendly features. Away from the chaos of daily life, here you can relax, entertain, de-stress, and enjoy easy living with a luxurious feel.

Embrace a life where indulgence seamlessly aligns with environmental stewardship.

The Adarsh Savana King-Size Plots: Contributing Towards Sustainable Future

These include 

  • Manyata Tech Park 
  • Kirloskar Business Park 
  • Aster CMI 
  • Delhi Public School 
  • Legacy School 
  • Limited International School 
  • Columbia Asia Hospital 
  • Elements Mall 
  • Orion East Mall, etc.

Available Configurations in Adarsh Savana 

Diamond 2400 sq. ft.
Ruby 1500 sq. ft.
Sapphire 1200 sq. ft.

Summing It Up

With Adarsh Savana king-size premium plots for sale in Bangalore North, you can experience luxury and sustainability. Nestled within the serene setting of North Bangalore, these meticulously planned plots offer a life of luxury while positively impacting our sustainable future. 

Spread across 12 acres of green landscape, the plot development prioritizes the preservation of large trees, ensuring that nature thrives alongside modern living. By choosing Adarsh Savana, you embrace a life of indulgence and actively participate in creating a greener tomorrow. The eco-friendly features integrated into the design of these plots ensure minimal environmental impact without compromising on the luxury and comfort you desire.

So, if you are looking for a plot in Bangalore North that perfectly balances luxury living and sustainability, look no further than Adarsh Savana. 

Know more about the plots in Adarsh Savana by contacting us at 91 6364921355 

or write to us at 

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