The Benefits of Investing in King Size Plots: A Comprehensive Guide to Adarsh Savana Premium Plots

June 13th, 2023

Looking for an investment opportunity that offers both long-term value and high-potential returns? Consider investing in a king size plot of land at Adarsh Savana Premium Plots, a premier residential layout in Bangalore, India. 

Investors are increasingly drawn towards king-size plots for their larger size and greater potential for development. In particular, investing in land for sale in Bangalore has proven to offer high returns, making it a lucrative financing option. For those looking to invest in such plots, Adarsh Savana, a luxurious gated community developed by the Adarsh Group in Yelahanka Extension, North Bangalore, stands out as one of the top choices. 

Let’s look at why buying king-size plots can be a good idea. 

  • More Space for Development 
  • King-sized plots provide an extensive area for building and expanding. With this, you can construct a more significant and comfortable home with abundant open-air space for gardens, swimming pools, and other facilities.

    The possibilities are endless, with plots for sale in Devanahalli, Adarsh Savana. You have the unique opportunity to create a home that perfectly fits your vision and timeline. 

  • Potential for High Returns 
  • Investing in a king size plot can pay off in more ways than one. The spacious plots are typically situated in prime locations, like Adarsh Savana in Devanahalli, making them more desirable and likely to experience higher appreciation rates and rental income. With the growing demand for larger homes, the value of king-size plots is expected to continue to rise, making them a smart choice for any investor. 

  • Lower Property Tax 
  • Property tax is an inevitable expense for property owners, irrespective of whether they own a house or a plot of land. However, when it comes to land for sale in Bangalore, the property tax rate is significantly lower than that for a house. 

    For instance, in Bangalore, property tax rates for residential houses can go up to Rs. 5/sq.ft. for tenanted homes and Rs. 2.50/sq.ft. for self-occupied homes. On the other hand, the property tax rate for plots is much more reasonable, ranging from just Rs. 0.12/sq.ft. to Rs. 0.50/sq.ft. This implies that you save money when purchasing land initially and in the long run while paying taxes.

  • No Maintenance Costs 
  • Investing in a plot of land requires little to no maintenance, making it an ideal option even for the hands-off investor. With land, you can avoid the burden of regular upkeep and focus on reaping the benefits of a valuable asset. 

    Invest in Premium Quality Plots in Adarsh Savana 

    Looking for a plot for sale in Yelahanka? Adarsh Savana is the perfect choice for you. This gated community offers plots for villas and gated communities, with world-class amenities such as a Basket Ball Court, Skating Rink, Tennis Court, Cricket Pitch, Mini Golf Putting, Sand Volleyball Courts, Pet Parks, Multi-purpose Lawns, Meditation Pavilions, Multiple Congregation Spaces, Themed Gardens, Fruit Orchard, Party Lawn, Swimming Pool, Spa, Gym, and more. 

    These have everything you need to lead a luxurious lifestyle. 

    Discover your ideal land for sale in Bangalore‘s Adarsh Savana. Our collection of land for sale includes three categories:

    •  Sapphire: 30’x40′ (1,200 sq.ft.)
    • Ruby: 30’x50′ (1,500 sq.ft.) 
    • Diamond: 40’x60′ (2,400 sq.ft.) 

    Summing it up 

    Investing in a king size plot of land for sale in Bangalore at Adarsh Savana offers a great opportunity to build your dream home exactly how you want it. The flexibility that comes with owning a larger plot of land is unparalleled, and the potential for development is immense. 

    With Bangalore’s real estate market offering high returns on investment, Adarsh Savana stands out as a premier choice for investors looking to make a profitable investment. 

    Don’t miss out on the chance to create your dream home in one of the most luxurious gated communities in North Bangalore.  

    To Schedule your site visit to Adarsh Savana, please contact us at- 91 63 6492 1355 or write to us at:  

    Get your premium land plot today with us!  

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