Tips for Investing in the Suitable Plots for Sale in Bangalore

December 14th, 2022

In a metropolitan city like Bangalore, where thousands of people move in every year to settle down from all parts of India, the plots for sale in Bangalore are available at competitive prices. However, the key is looking for the best plot of land before investing a huge amount of money in a plot that may not fetch you the same returns. 

In this article, we will help you understand the points that you need to consider when investing in plots in Bangalore. Read on to find out!

Tips to Consider:

  • Location

The first thing that you need to consider before buying a plot is the location and how convenient it is for you if you choose to sell it in the future or build a structure. If the plot comes at a cheaper price but the location is a remote area that will fetch you no profit, then it’s a loss. 

Hence, you must strategically buy plots in locations that offer easy accessibility to different parts of the city, offers positive economic and social growth, is in closer proximity to entertainment hubs and residential spots, and offers seamless connectivity, water and electricity. 

The Adarsh Savana Plots by the esteemed Adarsh Group are located in North Bangalore and offer easy access to significant roads such as Bellary Road and Outer Ring Road. These plots in Yelahanka Extension are at a premium location, hence a commercial or residential project on these plots deem fit due to connectivity to the rest of the city. 

  • Having a Solid Investment Strategy

If you are looking for buying plots for sale in Bangalore, having an investment strategy is important to strengthen your profit margins. Owning a plot of land opens multiple doors for monetization; hence you must consider all the options and choose what works best for you and then look for a land that deems fit. 

You can consider the following investment options:

  • You can buy the land at a lower value than the market price and then re-sell the land at competitive rates to incur profit.
  • You can purchase a plot of land and then wait for property price appreciation and re-sell it within 20 years when the price is much higher compared to the price at which you purchased the land. Plots in Bangalore such as Adarsh Savana can bring your huge appreciation value as a city like Bangalore is developing for the matter, and property rates will only go higher in the upcoming years.
  • You can purchase a plot of land, build a commercial or residential property and then rent it out. This way, you can expect higher ROI within a few years. 
  • Affordability

You need to figure out the market prices in different locations and narrow down your option to a plotting development that is affordable and within your budget. Besides, you must consider the cost of living, social infrastructure and connectivity. Because, if you are planning on building a commercial or residential structure, then the location matters a lot price-wise. 

Adarsh Savana plots in Yelahanka Extension are premium and affordable to investors as well as homebuyers. As a developing area, the price is comparatively much lesser than the hot spots in the city but carries the potential for high appreciation value in future. 

  • Plot Configurations

Plot configuration is an important factor if you are looking forward to purchasing plots for sale in Bangalore. The size and structure of the plot will help you foresee the kind of opportunities the plot holds for you. 

Adarsh Savana developments spread over an expansive 99 acres of land and accommodate about 1100 villa plots. It also has a clubhouse of 44,000 sq. ft. The plot sizes vary from 1200 sq. ft to 2400 sq. ft and so on. Buyers will have complete flexibility in constructing buildings of their own choice due to the variegated dimensions. 

  • Higher Down Payments 

If you are thinking of buying a plot of land by taking a loan, then the larger the downpayment, the easier it will be for you to pay off the rest of the amount in a scheduled manner. Banks usually take about twenty to thirty percent of the down payment for lands. 

Adarsh Savana plots are premium affordable lands that can help you make a standard downpayment and start investing in the plot. 

Make Strategic Investments at Adarsh Savana Plots!

The best part about purchasing plotted lands is that these are assets which witness an increase in value over course of time. Hence, if invested wisely, will fetch you a high return on investment and increase your profits considerably. 

Purchasing plotted developments in a convenient location can also expand your investment opportunities. Therefore, Adarsh Savana in the Yelahanka Extension serves as the best option for buyers and investors alike. 

If you want to learn more about Adarsh Savana plots, you can email us at or give us a call at +91 63649 21355 and we will answer all your queries!

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